We’re following the advice of some of our visitors, and asking for donations via paypal. Donations would be very helpful in maintaining the site and our active Research & Development projects. Thanks. Everything collected goes directly to the website and research. You can use the button here to enter any amount.

For a while now, I’ve been working hard to raise funds to continue research, while doing the research.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been time to respond to everyone’s messages.  I care, but I don’t have the time now to respond to everyone.  If you need to be cleared, your comments in the healer pages could be helpful for yourself and other people.  Sharing your experiences could help other people and contribute to a community of awareness.

I think we are close to a few solutions for clearing.  If more people understood the severity and reality of the problem, the world would stop what its doing and focus on that.  It like how the world was before most people knew that microbes cause disease.

If you have some particular insights, feel free to share there or with this contact form.  I can’t guarantee I can get back with you soon, but your voice will be heard.


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