New Updates on Spirit Attachment Research & SDR-Radio

Well, some big advances have happened since the last update!

I mentioned in the last update that I was looking at the RFI system as strong ingredient to the solution we need.  So went ahead and purchased it not too long ago.

Its a method of scanning the aura and entities with a MHz frequency counter.  And it works just as advertised.

I’ve always thought the key to really getting rid of spirit attachments would be using the correct frequencies.  We just didn’t know which ones.  I tested the Hz though KHz (frequencies from 1 into the thousands), and nothing was happening.  I figured they had to be in the MHz and GHz.  Millions and Billions of cycles per second.

Some people have told me they used the meters to detect various attachments and then removed them with more ‘conventional’ means.  But it was the easier to remove stuff.

Its also been used to correctly identify medical problems before they got worse.

Right out of the box it was accurate in my tests.  Just taking readings around me, it correctly identified the color of my aura each time I used it.  I was impressed.  It was also correct some friends, and correctly identified a head injury one friend had about a month earlier.

And as far as the tentacle monster goes, for YEARS I wondered what kind of energy I get hit with, I call the “energy of nothing” or energy of death.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  I used to wonder how it could make a “nothing” energy, or a feeling stopping or numbing energy.  It kills whatever feelings or things it touches.

(There is video it it by the way, giving a demonstration of itself to a buddy of mine.  About 12 people have seen this one.  Other people have them too, but no one that we know has found a way to get rid of them.  The usual methods for entity removal don’t work. )

I decided the next time it does that, I’m using putting the antenna into it.  It didn’t take vary long.  It read about 75 MHz.  I put that into the program and it said “Black” energy.  I was amazed!  It made perfect sense.  I can see colors of energy pretty readily, but never been able to see the black for some reason.

It happened later again, and it came up about 150Mhz.  I plugged the numbers in, and again Black energy.  It turns out the larger number is the next harmonic of Black.  Every time I was attacked with that energy and measured it, it comes up black every time.  That explained it!

entity ghost detecting device

A harmonic is the next set of frequencies, doubled in number from the last but has similar effects.  I learned the 15 colors keep repeating up the scale at double the frequency.

Black energy…it made perfect sense.

It reminds me of the ‘black shadow ghosts’ or black shadow spirits that people sometimes experience.  However tentacle or squid like entities are very different.

For a solution, we’ve been looking at SDR-Radios.  They are a fairly new kind of radio that is ran with a computer and custom software can be added.

This could be used as a way to detect the incoming frequency of the attacking or attaching spirit, and automatically transmit out a canceling wave, with phase shifting or phase cancellation.  With the same principle of sound canceling headphones.  That’s one strategy.

To think, for the first time in history, that we know of, there could finally be a way to truly get rid of a wide range of spirit attachments.  Not just the easier to clear and more obvious ones.

Also, in the case of “black frequencies”, it would very likely work in healing.  Since black energy in the aura also indicates major illness to the tissues.

I’ve given hundreds of free healings.  Most of them produced at 80-100% fix.  In most cases, all that was needed was to remove the bad energy, and the body would quickly heal itself.

So, after a LOT of research, I’ve narrowed the SDR-Radio search down to these 3 brands:

  • BladeRF
  • LimeSDR
  • Ettus

If you have expertise on this area, feel free to contact us about it.  Also, we’re taking donations with gofundme, to help pay for the project.  100% of the funds go directly to buying equipment and programming costs.

Or, if want to buy or donate equipment or programming skills, we’d be more than happy to accept the help.  You can use the contact form here.  This is important and could help a lot of people.

Feel free to share this with people you know.



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