Entity Removal Technology

“If people knew whats really going on, they would stop what they’re doing and the world would gather to find solutions.”

They affect everyone.  Everyone we have observed has entity attachments.  And they can affect anything in a person’s life. 

Traditional methods of removal are not enough.  Technological solutions are needed.

Common names for how spirits affect people:

  • Spirit Attachments
  • Entity Attachments
  • Intrusions
  • Possession
  • Obsession
  • Hauntings
  • Etc.

They can amplify or completely cause nearly any problem a person (or animal) can have.  Medical, mental, emotion and social.  Even political and national problems.  It never ceases to amaze me the odd things they cause for people.  From the biggest problems to the tiniest.

About 20-80% of your personality isn’t yours.  Your likes, dislikes, wants, dis-wants, interests, dis-interest, compulsions, aversions, addictions….aren’t even yours.  They disappear with clearings.

These things can be demonstrated clinically.  They can be demonstrated non-clinically.  Usually, when an entity is removed, the results are instant.  Sometimes they are subtle.  The person doesn’t notice anything.  Two days later the come back in shock at the problems that are gone.  I’ve experienced this myself too.

But often, there’s a dramatic and immediate shift.  Even with the person has no idea what you are doing or when you actually removed it.

Many can feel the vacuum like feeling as new energy rushes into feel the empty spot were the attachment was.  Pressure is released, they feel lighter, happier, more calm.  Often times euphoric.  This can happen the moment you’re doing the removal, when the patient can’t tell the moment that you removed it.


Psychic Mediumship

the afterlife experimentsMediumship is a means to perceive spirits and there are different forms and styles of it.  Some people are born with it, others can be taught, and both can develop it further.  It has been proven clinically, (and with far stricter protocols and statistic proof needed for other kinds of studies) clearings could just as easily be.  Probably even easier.

The mediums were able to maintain about a 95%-98% accuracy level, even when they didn’t know who the person they were giving the reading too was, and had no visual or auditory contact with them.  The clinician would put the sitter on the phone or behind a screen, and there would be no physical information as too  who this person was or if they recognized the information as accurate or not.

The skills of mediumship or spirit perception are invaluable.  But I no longer work as a medium because I learned the hard way that some of those dead relatives aren’t who they pretend to be.

Any spirit can look, sound and give answers as…almost any other spirit.  Out of body, you look and sound like whatever you imagine yourself to be.  You can do this out yourself of body, while astral projecting.

There is so much more going on than most mediums are aware of.  Once I was outside the world of mediumship, and exposed to larger things and realities, I was able to areas of the spirit world outside of that particular bubble.

The kinds of spirits that come through in mediumship, are part of why most mediums eventually develop diabetes.  This was and probably still is, a great mystery in Spiritualism and mediumship in general.  It was mentioned at most of the Spiritualist communities I’ve gone to, but no one knew why it happened or how to fix it.

After 2 solid weeks of solid mediumship practice in England, I started getting symptoms of it myself.  I

psychic mediumship proof
More Studies Proving Mediumship Clinically

found the cause and solution with an uncommon Taoist method I had read about that brings in extra Yin energy.

Most spirits pull out your Yin energy, especially during mediumship.  Its an energy you can’t feel.  Seconds after I replaced it, the “shakes” and food cravings stopped.  That experience told me a lot.

Another book on the topic, is Among Mediums by Dr. Julie Beischel, she details the more research studies that statistically prove Mediumship in a clinical setting.  She actually authored a few books on the subject.

Some of what she said about them the mediums themselves, I and most people involved in the Psychic Medium community saw for ourselves.  You can read an article about her research here, in article titled Psychic Mediums being tested under tightest laboratory conditions.

This is a link to the book itself here.




There are Many Spirits on Different Frequencies

Many spirits can’t see each other.  Before I had the dramatic experience of developing a wider spectrum or frequency range of spirit perception (Great care needs to be done with this), I spent years traveling the world studying with Psychic-Mediumship with hundreds of other mediums.  I learned the limitations of most forms of Mediumship.

There is way more going on around us, and to us, than most people realize.  Even most mediums.

We’ll discuss this important topic later.

What I found with other colleagues, was some entities are very difficult to remove.  One or two categories of them, which appear to affect everyone, we haven’t found a way to remove.  We call them controller spirits or “watchers” or “monitors”, though they do far more than observe.

Some people refer to them as “Archons“, from the ancient Gnostic writings.  The descriptions at least partially fit, but they may not be the same thing we call controllers.

We’ve only found a handful of metaphysical teachers that are aware of them.  The have a very subtle energy, but they can become quite dense for short periods of time.  They are able to affect you with or without you knowing.  Influencing your thoughts, feelings and physical movements with high precision.

They often present themselves as ‘guides’, ‘angels’, ‘gods’, dead friends and relatives.  They can do so much more convincingly that regular spirits.

They can generate intense, but false good feelings, and can use them as weapons and for deception.  They are extremely tricky.  They give people many of their ‘gut feelings’ and intuitive ideas.  They will seem to be helpful at first, but like the Leprechaun that lead you to the pot of gold, it sets up a confidence game.  And when it really counts, not just when it feels like it really counts, you will be lead in the wrong direction.

This is definitely a case were sending “love and light” is not going to help.


 Clearing Physical Infections Can Help But Its Only Part of the Story

There are about 150 known infections that cause mental or emotional illness.  Even the common flue can cause 2-3 weeks of depression after the flu is gone.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason, these infections are rarely checked before someone is prescribed medication for depression, bi-polar conditions, etc.

A clear example of this is in the book “A Brain on fire“.

Its written by a journalist who quickly develops about every mental illness there is a name for.  She’s in the hospital and about to be committed to an institution.  When at the last minute, a doctor gives her one more test that shows she has a brain infection.  The infection is treated and she has a full recovery.

One common of such infections includes the brain-parasite, Toxoplasmosis (the cat poop parasite), that cause subtle or significant personality changes, all the way up to schizophrenia and self harm.  Its one of the hidden causes of mental illness in the world.  Dr’s used to think it only causes birth defects, which is serious enough, so pregnant woman are warned not to clean the litter box.  However, its effects are far wider-reaching.

Including its the cause of about 2 million car accidents worldwide each year, due to it making people more reckless.  It does the same thing to mice and rats, making it easier for cats to catch them.  Part of it’s reproduction cycle can only happen in the intestines of cats.

Under a microscope, Toxo look like wiggling maggots, that once burrowed into the brain of their host, begin secreting chemicals that shut down parts of the brain. The Toxoplasmosis microbes are so large, that even a kid’s microscope can see them.

Interestingly, in a petri dish, drugs like Prozac temporarily make Toxo stop secreting their chemicals.  Though Prozac has its own other issues.

They used to think it was only a concern for causing birth defects or short term flu like symptoms.  However, its effects are far wider-reaching.  Many doctors still uninformed about what Toxo really does.   About half of infections come from under-cooked food or under-washed produce.  Other times it goes from mother to child in the womb.  The science isn’t exactly sure about the percentage of the other ways of infection.

Some mental illness is mostly physical.  Other times its completely spiritual.

Brain infections can create swelling or chemical changes in the brain that can directly cause organic mental or emotional illness.

They also can make a person more vulnerable to entities, creating more open access for entities to affect people from the outside of their bodies.  Removing the brain infection seals off a lot of the entity effects.  Some attachments will leave, or just become less active and ‘go to sleep’.  Its best to clear both infections and attachments.

Medications can work in some cases on the physical level.  As well as electronic devices like the Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers and Rife machines can work for infections. Hulda Clark also recommended Walnut Bark Herb for clearing out brain infections, since the zappers were not able to get everything.

As a disclaimer, it is recommended seek (good) health care practitioners for the medical side of things.

Clearing infections can help, but the main goal is to remove or repel entities directly.


Energy Healing or Shamanic Healing To Remove Entity Attachments

pranic psychotherapy for entity spirit attachment removalThere are many methods for removing entity attachments.  Some more effective than others, and some better suited for different categories of attachments.

Attachment Release Therapy, Spirit Release Therapy, Exorcism, Entity Clearings, Clearings, Healings, Entity Release Hypnotherapy, Trance Healing, etc.  There are many names and many methods.

Every ancient tradition has very similar Shamanic healing or clearing methods.  Despite many of these cultures having 40,000 years of separation between them.  The day to day culture of most ancient tribes and civilizations, were built around managing negative spirits.  These ancient cultures were right or partially right about a lot of things.

Most people would be shocked to know the modern day wedding ceremony used in western societies, is almost completely based on the idea of preventing negative entities from knowing who is getting married and attacking them.  The veil over the bride, swapping the best man and groom at the last minute, not allowing the bride and groom to meet the night before.  Even the rice thrown on the couple is meant to knock off or dissuade attaching spirits.

There are a lot of examples of this in history and cultures.

Now, back on the topic of clearing methods.  The most effective of the readily available methods I have found so far, is Pranic Psychotherapy.  It is a non-contact energy healing system you can learn from a book or class.  The white book is pictured here, but I think the old purple book was the best one.

If you know of any other methods or very high level healers/clearers, let me know please.

Not long after learning it, I used it to completely cure a woman with schizophrenia.  It took less than 10 minutes.  Her face and body were a little tightned up, and she had a hard time communicating clearly.  With each scrape of her aura with my hand, she stood more upright and her face became less contorted.

When complete, she said it was the first time in 1 1/2 years she no longer heard voices in her head.  She looked and spoke like a new person.

It was an amazing experience for both of us.

spirit attachment removal I’ve been using it for almost 20 years (I started young).  The spiritual information in the book isn’t exactly right, particularly about “angels”, but the methods work.  At least on the easy to difficult attachments.  Not the very difficult attachments.

Which is part of the reason for the need for technological solutions.

The Pranic Psychotherapy method is basically breathing in purple energy in through the crown chakra, projecting it out of a hand, while scraping off attached entities and other psychic debris.  You repeatedly scrap and flick it off, then seal up the scraped area with the same energy.

The purple energy has a high frequency and is good for dislodging things and dissolving energy an attachment uses to affect people.

As wonderful as they are, unfortunately Shamanic Healing or other Energy Healing methods like Pranic Psychotherapy have not yet shown to work for the very advanced attachments, which affect all of us in one way or another.


The Goal Technology

The goal of this site is to be a resource for learning and sharing technological methods to solve the biggest problem in the world.  In decades of experience, we’ve found that some categories of harmful spirits cannot be removed with traditional methods.  At least with none that we have found so far.  Psychic healing, clearings, shamanic methods, invoking other beings, etc.

So we’ve turned to technology.  Despite what you may have heard, there are electronic methods for removing attaching spirits.  But the ones we have found appear to only work on the easier-to-remove ones, so more development is needed.  We ask you to share what you know and to research.  Gather and test new methods.

Bad entities give off bad energy, but the worst entities can give off ANY energy.  Even love, joy, happiness, a false feeling of certainty, or that they are true, etc.  These are the most dangerous ones.  They can use pure love and other nice feelings to attack you.  They use them like a crow bar to open someone’s energy.

There are some categories of entities that we have not yet found a way to remove.  With energetic, psychic or technological.

But we are actively looking.

We do think such methods exist or can be developed, with the ability to clear entities of all frequency ranges.  One goal is for a device that can create a “Bubble of freedom”, around someone, a building or a group of people.  Something that can protect from all frequencies of entities.

These are some of the things reported to work to some extent:

  • Ion generating devices like an “Ion ray guns” have been shown to disperse some entities from an area, at least temporarily.
  • Multi wave oscillators have been widely reported to agitate some entities to leave a person.  As well having physical healing effects.  I have built a few of these and had amazing effects.  Each design affects different things, and these designs I’ve used so far have not gotten rid of the tentacle monster.  But I’m working on some different models.
  • Rife Machines – A colleague of mind cleared an aggressive entity from his wife, using a rife machine.  The release was quite dramatic.
  • Magnetic vortex devices, reported by a Ph.d in frequency research to remove attachments.
  • Some Quantum Scanners like the Scio machine, or NLS devices like the Metatron, have been reported by some people to remove some types of attachments.  A friend of mine tested a Metatron device and it was good for diagnostics of physical problems, but not for affecting the kinds of severe entities that she has.  Its also a fairly low power device.
  • Orgonite based devices like the “Succor Punch” and “Power Wand“, which can be homemade, have been said to work to some extent, by a number of people, though not for the more difficult entities.

At this stage, we think the best option would be a scanning device that can detect intrusions and transmit their resonant frequencies would be ideal.  Or something similar.  It would need to be something that can work on both entities that make surface contact with a person, or hide in a surrounding area, before it can affect people.


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  1. Cool blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple adjustements would really
    make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme.


  2. I do agree that there’s a need for a entity clearing tool that is effective I have had these problems with entities for over 30yrs. I have often thought if only there was an ankle bracelet a waistband and necklace that would radiate energy through out the body internally an externally expelling and repelling, this would be a very useful tech.

  3. I tried to contact you guys via email as well. I am suffering from a nasty demon possession that has completely ruined my life. It happened after I went to a fortuneteller who turned out to be evil and she did black magic on me. I have tried everything imaginable to be delivered, but these things are relentless. I can no longer believe in God or pray because they have messed with my mind so much….It is impossible for me to think positive thoughts and raise my vibration. They have literally drained my soul of all of its energy so there is nothing left there to raise…..looking into devices such as this are really my last hope. God will no longer help me without my mind and faith. It is messed up what these beings are allowed to do and NO ONE understands the extent of torment that I am under and the non stop evil thoughts that I am forced to listen to all day long. They have formed a hard shell in and around my body that most healers can not even penetrate. Anyway, i will try ANYTHING at this point. I have multiple high level demons in me so i need a pretty strong device. I saw that you created something that may work. i am interested in purchasing it from you and getting your advice. If it really works I will sit with that thing all day long and sleep with it! Hope you guys are still around! Angela

    1. I’ve been in contact with Angela, and it’s been some interesting information there. The device is not yet ready. We’ve got the hardware but still working on the programming. Programmers are expensive, so if anyone can donate, you’re donation would be sincerely appreciated.

      Otherwise, Angela was looking at a device I heard of and some friends of mine researched, the Pyro energen. It creates a static field around someone. If anyone has experience with this, feel free to share.

  4. Hey Admin! So glad that humans have a team of entity problem solvers like you on our side! I have major entity issues that no healer has been able to solve. They have literally tried to kill me a number of times and they are the reason my girlfriend broke up with me. I was diagnosed with a mental illness called Schizoaffective Disorder but I know that this is a spiritual issue. I have been possessed since I was about 7 years old and have come across only technology that could solve humanity’s problems with dark forces.

    I would like to volunteer by doing research into Quantum Technologies that are already available as well as Sacred Geometry tools I have come across. One technology I am aware of is Aquaware 5.1. It is a computer program that has intentions imbedded with frequencies that you charge anything that has water. Even a bathtub of water. You can drink it and there’s a Psychic Protection program/intention/frequency. I will be emailing you guys shortly with more information on my findings!

    My name is Maranatha Ragins by the way. I would be happy to join your team. Also I wanted to say that I think Quantum Technologies are the best option for ridding of these pesky entities because it works in all dimensions. Just food for thought.

  5. Hey Admin. You should look into Dr Patrick Flanagan he invented a device called a Neurophone. He might have some insight into what you are trying to create. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w674XCDwSE4 Also a man called L.E. Eeman. He made a device called bio-circuits.http://rexresearch.com/eeman/eeman.htm He also wrote a book on his work which is an interesting read about the human bodies energy.
    https://books.google.com.au/books/about/Co_Operative_Healing.html?id=0fc6R8wtBfwC&redir_esc=y. This gives you a little rundown on it. I have been doing energy healing work for 15+ years, Whenever I come across Entities that need removing I ask the person receiving the healing to burn it to ash and make sure the ash blows away in the wind. It is a little more complex than that but that is a quick description of how I choose to remove the unwanted. Hope this helps a little. I look forward to watching your progress. Cheers Andrew

  6. Long time suffering is relentless yes day and night ;you are very insightful with the magnetic fields false guides etc. But here is a little more info these beings use multiple things to try to hide the pressing truth they really are small invisible beings that climb on people and suck energy from us in many ways including attaching magnetic fields to clothing . Have you ever discovered that one day you look and feel heavy and the next not. They actually crawl into our fields and say they are higher self and some half beings which are vampires themselves trying to grab onto life any way possible they are dark shadows but can actually use invisible tubes thru your nose throat and privates they use magnetic fields that feel almost like static that crawls. These are just a few truths I share from my experience. I have had them for three plus years, and have driven across the US looking for the right healer and yes each will give me a different story.

    1. Thanks for your comment Gloria. You are right about all of it. I will say they are visible if you get on the right frequency, or tune into their frequency while using psychic vision/clairvoyance. It can take time. Otherwise, they can be felt by someone with just the most basic training in feeling energy.

      That’s interesting what you point about healers all giving you a different story. I don’t know if there are lot of healers that aren’t that skilled, or as I’m finding from people who have the harder to remove entities, is these attachments are more skilled at tricking most healers.

      Its often a matter of finding the right healer.

      Tech wise, we’re getting closer to a solution for the difficult ones, but faster R&D takes more money.

      1. Hi, admin can i ask you…do Negative Ions have a frequency??..needed to try and find the frequency if it has one for use with Radionics and spooky2 generators against these things.

        1. Hi Mr Brown, negative ions, or positive ions, are classified as having no frequency. Perhaps one of the few things that do not. They are a form of static electricity, though it its not always static, in that it can flow and move.

    2. I agree Gloria …ive had these for 7 years and counting..the healers cant see anything…they say they have removed them them but still things are flying around a room and your under attack etc etc…the only thing they remove is your money from your pocket then hardly reply…

      1. What kind of entities are affecting you?

        I think most, but not all healers are legit, but there are categories of entities that most healers cannot remove or see, at least not without better training or skill development. Different entities are on different frequencies, and many cannot see each other.

        That’s not even addressing that some entities are adept at creating illusions that most healers cannot see around.

        1. Hi,
          Ahh thank you Admin..because i was thinking im going crazy as they removers cannot see anything but as i say…the money is definitely removed from your bank…lol.
          But to your question..i have no idea what its called…buy its trying move my limbs..well it can move them..it can speak thru them if it moves left foot for no and right foot for yes…i can think or say anything and it will hear…when its angry and im not playing ball..it will move…throw things and make loud banging sounds on walls ceiling anything thats near me…it use to cut me….its cut watch straps in two…cut open my sofa…left EVP on my cctv..camera pulled a bathroom light down on my head(because i was going to take a salt bath) it burnt a star into a set of headphone instructions i left on my bed (i live alone) i think its trying to processes me. it says it wants energy, i feel tired and run down alot….But because i have alot of electromagnetic devices near me and at night times what it can do has been cutt down..but if my thoughts go onto it..it can take control of my limbs depending how bad i feel…this is its last resort and i think its effecting my health…the devices dont have the same effect on it as they use to……I listen to alot removal subliminal messages almost 24/7 effects are limited..as it always trys to come back hard. The only other thing that help are salt baths and healing. Do you think you know what it is……that would be a big help to get some kinda name.
          Many Thanks.

  7. Hi

    I agree with your assessment that the challenge of entity removal is among the biggest problems facing mankind. It also makes sense to think that the most successful ancient cultures would have been masters in the day-to-day management of entities.

    Somehow, these cultures did very well without the aid of a military-industrial complex. In contrast, we with our technology, think we have completely mastered the physical environment. Actually we are completely mastered by the entities on every other plane of existence, as well as the physical.

    For a specific example, cell phone technology (and long before that, television technology) is known to have been used by these entities. By means of endless diversion, they further bind the unsuspecting average Joe to the physical plane, by isolating them from their spiritual essence. Not many are able to use technology for spiritual advancement.

    That’s why it feels counter-intuitive to read that you’re looking for funding, so you can further rely on technology, to mass-produce some gizmo, to free people from entity attachments. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood? Is your machine foolproof against subversion by entities?

    Anyway I think technology (and our reliance on it) is a big part of the problem. I think any enduring solution to humanity’s entity problem would be natural, or tend to be low-tech. It would be so easy to use, that children above a certain age could safely apply it on their own. This solution would also have to be cheap enough, that even that portion of humanity surviving on $2 a day could enjoy its benefits.

    I have come across something that seems to meet these requirements. You can read about it at this link.


    I have been in contact with a representative of the SRF, and found them to be well-meaning enough. However, the official SRF mantra that no harm can come to anyone from the use of their entity removal method, is inaccurate.

    Entity attachments are there to “feed” on their human host. The moment they are removed from one person, they immediately cast around for the nearest alternate source of energy, with a vengeance. Therefore, in a close group such as a family, it is most advisable for all members to begin a course of entity removal, as soon as even one of their number decides to do it.

    From this, it’s quite clear that any final solution to the entity problem must be universal, of necessity. And I warmly applaud your efforts towards that end.

    1. It’s not our technology that’s the problem – but our tech gives off negative spiritual vibes or some bad radiation that they like, it’s something incorrect about our technology. I think Tesla could feel these bad vibes but Edison couldn’t and sadly, his tech is what we mostly use today. Anyway at the end of the day, these entities still live on different frequencies of energy, and when our technology gets there, in theory it should be possible to make a device that can flush them off of every vibrational level.

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