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New Aura Clearing, Electrostatic Machine Is Almost Ready

I’m happy to announce, this new device is currently in the testing phase, and doing well.  This site has been here to educate and inspire the development of innovation with entity removal.  Now we are going to have something to offer for purchase.

Its similar to the “Pyro Energen” (and some older things like it) though about 33% more powerful, but at about 1/3rd the cost, with a price range of $400-500.  I’d love to be able to give them away for free, but unfortunately its not feasible.

The Pyro Energen is a device that is promoted as for clearing entities, certain forms of cancer and a number of viruses.  But the price makes it beyond the reach of a many people, and a lot of people have.

It also similar to older static devices, that have been used since static electricity was discovered.  It covers the body in a negatively charged electrostatic field, and makes causes a person to emit negative ions from your whole body.  Its pretty cool.  You sit in a plastic chair with a plastic foot rest or massage table, plastic lounge chair, etc, so you’re at least 1 foot off the ground.

It has not shown yet to clear the big house-sized squid/tentacle monster entity.  We’re still doing tests to determine if it removes regular entities.  I’m blocked now so I can’t directly observe it, but, the guinea pigs… I mean test subjects, have reported health improvements with hard to clear infections of the physical body. It appears to have a strong a cleansing effect on energy.

When its available for purchase you will be notified.  You can leave your name and contact info, and any comments that you’d like on this form.

Most of the proceeds will go toward other bigger tech projects, that are just sitting on the bench right now, waiting on more funding.

I have discovered that “necessity is the mother of invention, but money is the father”.


Machine Interest Form


Update! ( Bottom of page )   & Now, New-er updates on the page after it.

This is a short list devices reported to work, each by multiple credible sources, but we haven’t been able to test all of them.  While the simpler devices are not probably not the goal device we are looking for, they each have their benefits and lead to the ideal.  Each are known for having healing effects on the physical body.  From negative ions to frequency-generating devices.

Not to mention these are interesting or just plain fun.  In no particular order:

1.  Ion Ray Gun

Negative ion generators of various types have been found to have effects in Ghost hunting and parapsychology test.  One parapsychology professor related to me a story about how he had an Ion Ray Gun made from a set of plans.  He took it to a research site with the hopes it would attract spirit activity.  He said the psychic he went with told him it had the opposite effect.

The parapsychologist would send the ions in the room, and the spirits “would scatter”.

Ions have been shown to drastically increase with ghost activity.  Some report the positive ions (which are unhealthy for humans in high concentration) are left over from spirit attacks, or fill up a space during.

One researcher had various remote meters place in a house connected to his laptop, and found the ion counts very high in the spots the home owners confirmed where the major activity areas.

It maybe possible that one or both forms of ions are produced as a side effect of (some) of them manifesting or becoming more active.  Or, they may use it as a food supply, unless it’s directed at them.

Ion ray guns are available in plans, kits or completed, and in different power levels.  Here at Amazing1.com for about $270 for the most powerful one.  They also sell plans for $15, and kits for about half an assembled one.

Whether they create negative or positive ions is determined by a diode position.  It would be great if a switch could change it from one to another.  And which one works better?

It would be interesting to see if these work for attachments as well as free floaters.

This design below has a parabolic dish at the end.  The author says they can light a bulb from across the room.  You can visit here.  He also says the theory is positive ions are associated with entities in a room, so flushing it with negative ions may help clear them out.

It might help with spooks just floating around or hanging out, which would be useful itself.  But attached spirits are more difficult to remove.


another ion gun used for entity removal release spirit attachment

These Ion Ray Guns were developed for clearing entities.  One is designed for
negative ions, the other positive ions.



This is looks more like a little bazooka.



2.  The Multi Wave Oscillator


Image result for multi wave oscillator      Image result for multi wave oscillator

Multi Wave Oscillators, or MWO, come in many shapes and sizes.  They were developed by George Lakhovsky with the help of Nicola Tesla himself back in the 1920’s through the 40’s and used in hospitals through Europe during that time.

They are known for significant healing effects on the physical body, as well as reported by several researchers to remove or repel some spirit attachments.  Including ones in the surrounding area.  One pioneer in the field, believed this could have been the main action for how an MWO heals the body.  Though we think it’s more than that.

If you search online for the Borderlands organization’s work, they have more information on the subject.

MWO’s are designed to broadcast a wide range of frequencies, helping to re-vitalize the different tissues that resonate to different frequencies.  As well as clear out a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

The double-antenna models are more effective.  There are large replicas of the originals, and smaller, less expensive modern versions that work on the same principles.  The are basically Tesla coils, that output to antennas.

Completed MWO’s run from about $4,000 to $10,000 or more.  Many people have built their own for about $400-$1,000 in parts and a good amount of research.  I’ve seen some made with entirely scrap parts at basically no cost.

Very simple ones can be built from spare electric parts if you have the skills or some good plans.  Of course, be careful, since they are high voltage (thought low amps).  They shouldn’t be used with anyone who has a pacemaker.

Most of the frequencies are produced by a spark gap.  These are fascinatingly simple and effective but they can produce metal dust.  So if you have or make one, it’s best to enclose it to keep the particles out of the air.

We have a Multi Wave Oscillator, and have found it does not work against the most difficult entities.  So while it’s not the goal device, its still useful.  There are things we’ve learned from it, getting us further to the goal.  And of course, it’s useful as a physical healing device.




3.  Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass


sage incense for clearing

While not an electronic solution, these get an honorable mention.  And the mechanism by which they work helps you understand of how these things work.

Using various types of smoke to clear things is as old as fire, and a staple tradition in all ancient cultures.

There’s something about the oils in these plants that when burned, is beneficial to energy cleaning.  They don’t have much effect in actually removing or clear entities, but they break down or dissolve the thicker energies that entitles can feed on or and use to affect people.

Basically, it burns away some of their food supply.

For them to really work, the smoke has to fill up the space.  Burning some for a few seconds and putting it out like people some do, doesn’t really work.

Also, incense doesn’t have much affect the higher frequency energies that higher level bad spirits use.  Since the worst entities can use love and other nice energies to attack you with.  Surprise, surprise.

Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass can definitely help the situation, but it’s a short term improvement, and doesn’t do much to actually get rid of entities.


4.  ‘Quantum Scanners’ or NLS Devices

These devices use different types of scanning methods check the body for problems.  Some can help made with repairs with the corrective frequencies.  Some work better than others.  Some are better for different things.

A Quantum Scanner in principle, have more promise as The Goal Machine for entity removal.  Though, they would need modification.

We’ve tested one of them personally and found it was amazing for diagnosing physical problems, nutrient deficiencies and residual emotions.  They do what regular medical science would say is impossible…the best kind of technology.

However, that particular model (the NES Pro) doesn’t detect or clear entities.  But it gave us an idea of what is possible.

We found a few Healers who do clearings or other forms of healing, say one of the earlier Quantum Scanners, called the Scio machine, can clear some entity attachments.  We have not yet tested this ourselves, so we can’t vouch for it.

However, they say a person doing energy methods (a human healer) is better.  It also appears the more difficult attachments aren’t going to be cleared with a Scio.

Better recommendations have come with a newer device, called a ‘Metatron’, made by a different company.  We are looking to purchase one for testing.  They run about $2,000.  If you’ve had any expedience with any of these, feel free to tell us about it.  With our contact form.

The ultimate device could scan for any frequency of entity in an area, and repel or remove it.  And could clear things people cannot.  At least not none that we have found yet.

We need something that can clear anything from a person. and the space around a person or building.  If a device can clear a person, it might be modified to work on a wide area around the person too.

Since some things don’t attach much, but float around and attack people then pull back.

More solutions will be detailed soon.



The newest area of research is the idea of using a frequency counter or spectrum analyzer, which are actually able to pic up the frequencies of subtle energy.  Something I only recently found what possible.

I thought it was possible for years to find the resonant energy of an entity, and now its possible.  A simple meter that measures the MHz range of the spectrum can do this. I think the GHz might also work as well too.

We’re working on a design for detecting then, “Rifing” a free floating or spirit attachment away, with signal or function generator component added to a frequency counter or spectrum analyzer.

If you have any ideas on this, feel free to share.  I think we have a decent design down, but haven’t settled on which brands or exact configuration of parts.

Since we can find no example of anyone trying this yet, it’s new territory.


Newer Updates!

I purchased the above mentioned system and it works!  Now we’re working on a solution based on what I found.

Click on the above link for more info.  🙂

We’re following the advice of some of our visitors, and asking for donations via paypal. Donations would be very helpful in maintaining the site and our active Research & Development projects. Thanks. Everything collected goes directly to the website and research. You can use the button here to enter any amount.

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  1. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Take care! Where are your contact details though?

  2. I need to extinguish an attached entity. Sounds human but who knows could be demonic. Would like to try the negative ion gun

  3. Hi! I’m so interested. I use prayers, commands, the Body Code & Raymon Grace techniques however I have to do it.

    I am currently using the Genius Indight App and have been looking at the NLS also scanner also

  4. I have found that the most direct way personally is to learn astral projection / out of body techniques and once out face them directly.

    1. I’m pretty good at astral projection, but this thing completely encloses, encapsulates me, so I can’t astral. Its huge. Going obe could be risky anyway with it around. But, with regular spirits, yes, confronting them astrally can be effective. Though other methods I have found are moreso, which can be done in body. Thanks for the comment.

    2. That’s true. I’ve attacked the spirit before, but the only way to get rid of them is to either kill them or banish them. Staying out of your body for anything more than a minute proves to be very difficult.

  5. I’ve had a horrific experience with the hook monster before and that creature was incredibly evil! The greatest way to remove the creature is to do smudge saging, burn palo santo wood and mugwort at the same time. Mix cayenne and chili pepper, sprinkle a dash of it on the floor and on your bed mattress, bed sheet and pillow cases (along with Frankincense and Lavender oils). Play gregorian beats music throughout the night and it will weaken the hook monster then it will eventually disappear. Hook monsters feast on negative energy, so please always protect yourself to stop them from reappearing.

  6. Since spirits/entities/ghosts are made out of electromagnetic energy do you think a receiver antenna (Around 1 Hz – 1 GHz) can remove them?

    1. Under the right circumstances, yes. It would need to be able to transmit instead of just receive. I know of at least one researcher that has done this, using the rife frequencies for the physical location of a tumor his wife had, and it cleared an entity they didn’t know they had. It was quite dramatic. Her tumor began to shrink immediately after that.

    2. Dear, you would only need (if it works, i don’t know) to find a resonant frequency that would blow this literally assholes out. I think they haven’t got a constant frequency since they easily shape shift (are they plasmoid?). My best energies.

      1. You are right about the changing frequencies. Most entities are stuck in one mode, but these things can often change in an instant to a different feeling, color, frequency, etc. I figure there must be a root or structural frequency that doesn’t change.

        The structure of the squid is the same. The tentacles are hollow and become filled with whatever energy its generating, or being used to generate by another entity. These things tend to appear to be tools used by other things.

        Let me know if you discover something. I’ve been looking at some better devices, with a better output power and wider bandwidth range. Just needing more funding.

  7. Do these devices really work? Can they get rid of entities that have been bothersome for years? If so, is there anyone that has them in the NYC, Long Island area that is trained in using them on an individual that you can connect me to?

    Thank you

  8. I sent a previous concept, but much like everyone, I attempted to reach out and study as Much as was Available. So I have many avenues

    Where many would say fraud, I think with recorded evidence that’s electromagnetic in its projection, should still offer possible strands. If you could measure what the energy value is and the frequency and in what state of molecular and physics.

    Seka Nikolic hands have intent in the energy clearing state. So while there is intent, there’s still an energy setting value.


    Zhang Baoshang similarly attempting with kanda and root chakra touch to stim kundalini or Devi spirit tail rouse to kundalini rise. Then direct breathe energy from kanda up sushumna to hand chakra. Then direct with hand chakra and intent. But can alter the molecular structure with this. They call Chi, Norse May Call Vril, but like mentioned above in another statement, might be plasmoid with ions. Or scalar charged plasma. Then directed with infrared light through hand chakra vortex. But it’s like third eye in tandem with hand chakra. So with more mhz in brain usage, and amped kundi with amped kanda breathe prana, it might be microwave and infrared. In tandem with scalar charged plasma and ions. Or a proton beam directed with intent.

    Not really sure.


    Next Chia mantak. Again directing Breathe prana energy up sushumna , from kanda, to different organ storage, then out top of energy torus. But with specific sound frequency. In assistance with hand chakras. But it travels out and back down into the earth core. Still physics but a Frequency to open storage organs. Or the frequency of, kind of like rife. With sympathetic resonance. Or it might be the non polarized light that looks like a vajra, like the frequency of each, which they call dragons. Light channels in frequency. As frequency is light and such. Or vibrational keys. Hit the right cord with the energy and frequency and intent set, then it flows out. Possibly using telluric energy rising up. Or magnetic dipoles. As magnetic dipolesare also dragons to Asian belief structure. . And gravitational wave forms, like shesha from a Hindu standpoint. But to physics etc…


    End result, being, is it the same frequency set being used by all three. Is it the same scalar charged plasma. With ions. Is it still inside infrared light. Is it microwaves. Is it both being utilized. Does it create protons?

    If they videos could be measured somehow, that would be a start. Then experimenting.

    Lisa Renee seemed to have similar, and operation cobra protocol removal. Possibly reiki in both. Reiki tumno that had reiki fire, and also kundalini fire activated. With all chakras cleared of blockages or entity. Which yamael called dimensional seals. Tons of removal people. But all that could be measured towards that technology being made. Unfortunately, it still seems intent would need to be the person entering the technology field of energy being created. To direct it to leave. However with rife frequencies I’ve had some leave my body.

    That tentacle creature being talked about I think is still a higher ray angel of the demiurge, that is an orange demon angel. That puts them on people, to sleep them. Then control them. And put them back into stasis, the put all the dimensional seals back on the chakras. Then slumber back into the phonon and photon program of indras net.

    I still think Saturn/Abrasax/Shiva mantras are used, to remove that ray angel of mars /demiurge/samael tentacle archon. As the Saturn has higher ray angel. And is the king or head archon. Also in caanite thought of as an El. With the Sun Yahweh Surya El. And the Anu Uranus Vishnu El. Although all planet stars and solar stars seem to have El Navagrah. But open a portal and mantra out past the medium. Then attenuate. Then the higher ray angel remove the lower ray angels archons potentially?

    Still physics and science related tech could be made for that as well.

    I’m so tired of them though.

    In New York City, they have these floating cylindrical sentinels. Reddish brass. Floating in the sky. That keep the hive creatures or archons or entity either out of people, or hemmed into a certain place. I think it emits or emanates frequency or vibrational keys. That keep them locked into a place.

    Like I walked down this street near downtown Brooklyn. It felt cool and like New York, then I walked through this barrier, and it felt unclean or I said nasty on the other side. It’s where they had the hidden gay community. I walked back past the barrier, and it was straight and cool vibration energy again. I jumped back and forth between the barrier just to make sure. And it kept happening. Then I left that area, and went about my finding coney, so as to erase the moment of that creep nasty feel from my person. And so I did.

    But that’s another possible tech although spirit. Looks like a yantra scroll holder. Kind of but way larger and dirty brass reddish.

    Haven’t seen them away from the city though, towards Long Island?

  9. Admin, can you help me clear demons in my house they produce electro-static energy or ionized energy and heat my mattress to prevent me from sleeping. They also try to attack other people too. I would love to be a test subject

  10. I’m building a 5-point spark gap generator. It’s base function is a mechanical distributor mounted on a 12v DC fan motor capable of spinning 10k+ rpms. The distributor itself is the blade hub with the blades removed and a single contact installed from center to end-radius. From there a copper radial extension has been installed. The original shroud is perfectly round. Screws as arc points are installed in 5 equidistant points. Each screw is tunable for arc distance. My spark source is an ElectroErotic Neon Wand piped into the center of the distributor contact on the fan blade hub. There is an adjustment knob on the wand that offers a power switch and frequency/amplitude modulator. From what I can tell so far, as amplitude is increased frequency decreases. These are based on visual and audible observations only as I have no testing equipment other than an swr meter and basic multimeter. There is also a reostat on the fan motor circuit which offers a speed differential of about 100rpms to well over 10k rpms. That is the basic description of the first component which I’ve just completed. From an idea in my head to a working prototype with zero drawn plans. Preliminary testing has been fascinating to the point that it’s hard to stay focused on building the second component. The harmonics I am producing with just the first component is awe inspiring to the point I have to turn it off and walk away from it after only a few minutes of it being powered up. Is this a physiological or psychological reaction? I know this is a long read but please bear with me.

    The second component will be purely passive. If the first component could be the called a power supply, the second component could be called a transmitter. It will be a platform with 5 equidistant points arranged in a circle (pentagram style) but they will be connected from the distributor so that they fire in the direction of the orientation of a pentagram knot. So if the distributor were to arc sequentially (12345), the arc points on the transmitter would fire 13524. For now I’m going to be using deep shank spark plugs with the electrodes removed so that I can keep my final spark gaps fixed until a later time.

    So my question is, what testing equipment can I/should I use to see what kind of emf I am transmitting? Is there equipment I can use to detect the transmit pattern I’m emitting? I’m suspecting I’m going to get a bidirectional pattern at best, and if I’m lucky, in a vortex configuration. Is there equipment that will measure propagation as well? Is there equipment that will measure the mechanical harmonics between the interaction of the distributor speed and the firing frequency of my spark coil? Based on what I’ve described could you speculate on what my results will be?

    Below is a link to a video of the first component in action.



  11. There is something to tubular shapes such as wind chimes. Possibly brass, Possibly copper. This is if I go by the punishment shocks of being near items.

  12. Ok I also became aware of a squid entity inside of me. I have let go of multiple dark entities out of my consciousness and see doing them as a project.

    Don’t know how hard it’s going to be to let go of the squid completely (but i’m creating an approach now based on prior experience, spiritual understanding)

    This will be my approach:

    First of, my method can only work if you are working on your emotional, mental and spiritual growth already. You have experience in healing your unmet needs and unresolved emotions already. You might have done work solving ancestral trauma and are working on your past lives. There is just this general positive attitude towards healing whatever it’s your own past or clearing your mind from these entities.

    Why? Because these entities feed on your own pain that resides in your subconscious mind. They can’t be there if they aren’t attracted to lower vibrational unresolved emotions and unmet needs. So…

    If you are generally going through life in a victimized way, not taking charge of your emotions etc. You’d might be able to remove it a bit, but because you are not working on the stuff that attracted the entity in the first place, it could just come back easily

    So after lots of experience in healing my own trauma, past life trauma and unmet needs I could intuitively sense the difference in vibration of my own stuff vs stuff that’s from my family (ancestral trauma) The ancestral trauma just didn’t feel as my ‘own stuff’, but as some emotional bagage I was carrying around from someone else. Empaths know what I mean with this. Empaths take over other peoples negative energy and know when something is theirs or not.

    Same is true with entities, they steer your thoughts, emotions and behavior, but if you be a bit more aware you quickly realise it doesn’t feel like ‘you’. You can also sense a different vibration inside of you. very subtle sound vibration aswell. Why am I saying all this? because it can help get you a sense of gratitude, acceptance or even excitement around becoming aware of an entity inside of you.

    See… when you become aware of the entity inside you, you can ask yourself a few things:

    * In what ways has this entity influenced my thoughts, emotions and behavior?
    * In which moments of my life did it’s presence influence me
    * Which feelings, vibrations, thoughts, emotions inside of me attracted the entity in the first place and how do I resolve this issue?

    If trained in subconscious question asking/ self hypnosis methods your mind will quickly come up with subtle answers. If not then ask yourself the questions and let go of trying to receive the answers. The answers will come on it’s own through your life experience. You will know when you get the answers.

    So in my case:

    The tentacle thingy has been inside me for pretty long. but like others have said in this topic, it’s hard to spot and it’s ways of influencing range in various ways and are very subtle.

    – It made me crave for low vibrational food like cheap bags of crips, cheap chocolate, those mass produced candies etc. Most during night time when I also had trouble sleeping

    – It fooled me into getting me into a never ending healing loop. Creating the problems/emotions that I then took a lot of time to heal

    – It made me crave low vibe sex, making me spend endless time on tinder swiping and just feeling shamefuly perverted

    – It made me lazy and convinced me general exercise is not worth my time cuz i’m doing already so much energy work and when you work on the energetic body you don’t need to workout blabla. bullshit, working out can still feel great and is important.

    – It killed my natural enthusiasm on various things i was working on. Normally I like my job. But, like the guy on the video of this topic explained, I had to stop working out of sudden boredom. A very strong sense of not being able to continue working.

    till noticing the entity I had been just generally in low vibes

    So upon me noticing it was an entity and not ME or my natural behavior that was guiding all the behavior described, it immediately gave me a sense of relief and gratitude. So first thing happened naturally with me:

    – Acceptance ( + gratitude)

    Focus on the gratitude of becoming aware of it residing inside your consciousness. (and that it wasn’t YOU who influenced your behavior) Becoming aware of it is almost half the work. Accept the fact that it is inside of you and let go of fear and resentment towards it

    With the answers you get from asking the questions above you will signal your subconscious mind to look out for similiar future experiences. So next time the entity influences you, you will become aware of it much faster and act accordingly.

    – Love it

    Find a way to actually start loving it. All darkness and light come out of 1 source and eventho it feels like something different than you, it is part of you and all there is. What I did was I allowed all the ways he influenced me just to be there. I didn’t fight it.. (it had influenced me for so long already so why fight it now)?

    So I kinda gave it space to keep doing what it was doing to me from an honest intention and curious attitude ( yet again I want to emphasize the importance of attitude around the subject. If you feel too much overwhemed by it I advice to go look for a healer)

    So a little bit deeper on the acceptance part… Get this in your mind: What you resists persists…

    Because the entity is some kind of external consciousness that entered your own consciousness, your system had ALREADY rejected it in a subconscious way. Meaning that on a subconscious level you already knew something was wrong and you were already fighting it! However this subconscious fighting is actually feeding the entity’s behavior because it kinda has become part of yourself already and you can’t let parts of yourself go by fighting it ( natural law in self healing)

    So let go of all fighting/trying to remove it behavior first and see what happens.

    I even went outside a few minutes ago to got myself a low vibe kebab indulging in the food craving. I actually enjoyed it now.

    Because I had become aware of my unconscious fighting, saw the futility in it and let go of the fighting I kinda halfly befriended it.

    Now it showed more of itself and childhood memories came up where I had the same friendly attitude towards it. I remember me eventually losing control over it as it got its own will tho

    during eating I became aware of him trying to plant eggs in me But here I intervened. I communicated enough is enough and imagined light burning the eggs and raising my vibes through thought ( imagining Sri yantra images )

    This is were I am now. This had been enough for prior entities, maybe the squidy is stronger. But I feel just pure plain awareness will also be enough.

    What I will do as follow up ( as result of my awareness and attitude the following will happen automatically)

    – I will feel like cleaning my whole room because it’s very big and energy in my room is low and attracts it. I will burn a few insences etc

    – I will start working out again and eat healthy starting from tomorrow and do a light meditation to get rid of him completely

    In a week or something I will give an update on the squidy thingy.

  13. I have feelings that this thing loves me, as well as that I love it. It’s very confusing because I’m pretty sure it is harming my health. Has anyone else felt this b4? Are they able to mess with your mind like this?

    1. Absolutely! Most stories you hear are about the threatening dark ones, or addicted ones, etc. But there’s a whole range of attachments. Many different categories and common effects and attacks.

      I’ve seen many cases were people you knew in this life or the past ones, attach to people. Usually living in a mixed reality or dream world, thinking they are interacting with you as if you both were in bodies. About 30% don’t know they are ‘dead’.

      They they might be wanting the same “connection”, as when they used to know you, or if they think you’re someone else. It happens a LOT. And it can certainly be harmful to your physical health.

      Also not well known, is how certain “higher” spirits can use “love”, “peace”, “relaxation” to attack you with. They use it to open your energy like a crowbar. To pry it open and influence you further in things that will ultimate go bad for you.

      Entities that present themselves as “guides” or “angels” do this sometimes. They can project or radiate the purest “love” and such feelings, but they’re created artificially.

      They can also use feelings of “certainty” or “offical-ness”, to make you think they are there to help. To make you compliant. Ultimately, its a bigger problem then the lower frequency beings.

      The target rarely figures it out.

      Convinced that ‘guides’, ‘angels’, ‘helpers’, etc, love them and are trying to help them. These beings will take credit for the “nice” things that happen, but not for the suffering they cause. The evidence is amply clear.

      Few people have any idea what this category of entities do to them or the world.

  14. So what can I do? Is there any device, stone, crystal, etc that is working well for people?

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