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Tell us about Healers who’ve been successful with the difficult cases

Our website traffic has doubled since the beginning of August.  I’m not sure why.  With that has been a number of requests from people in dire need of help.

So I’m creating this page to invite people to tell us if you’ve found a healer that was able to remove your difficult entity problem. In the comments below, tell us about any healer, or healers, that you’ve had success with.

I’ve known many people who have gotten sessions with 50, 80, 100 healers before finding one that can help.  Their stories of suffering are incalculable.

This is a big part of the reason for this website, to find a more reliable way to clear entities.  Especially the difficult ones.  This is something that needs to happen and the world is desperate for.

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About Healers who do Entity Removal

Being a Healer / Shaman, is one of the most important jobs in the world.  There are some amazing healers working hard to make the world a better place.

Also, different healers are more effective for different kinds of entities.  Some are more effective than others, and unfortunately, some people advertising as healers are not healers at all.  I think those are in the minority.  More commonly though, are healers that are not able to clear the difficult cases, but …they seem unaware of this.

We’re hearing the same things from from a lot of people with the very difficult to remove entity problems.  People who are getting sessions with dozens of healers, to find one who can clear what they have.  Healers thinking they’ve remove things they haven’t, and healers not able to see the especially difficult entities.

Some have done it, but very few healers are able to remove the really difficult cases.  Many are not able to see they very difficult ones, and worse, they are not aware they are not able to do this.  The more “advanced” entities tend to be skilled in creating illusions that remote healers cannot see past, and tricking Psychics, Mediums and Healers, with a variety of methods.

As one person put it “Its a serious problem within a serious problem.”

This problem affects practitioners both in person and remotely, but usually more so remotely.  If the healer works with spirits that help them do clearings, with these clients, they start getting false information from these spirits.  Or, spirits who pretend to be those spirits.

Perhaps, the remote healers are so used to getting accurate information, they don’t believe they could be getting wrong information.  I suspect these people are working with what I call controller class spirits, that often do false trust building experiences with the healer, so they end up trusting the spirits no matter what.

I’ve been to training classes given by certain spiritual schools, where the teachers will tell stories, in which they were tricked or lied to by these spirits, but later say their spirits never lie to them.  It completely escapes them what is going on.  That’s a whole topic in itself.

We hear from a lot of people with difficult cases, and we’re seeing the same problems happen.

  • Multiple healers getting the same false information.
  • Every healer someone goes to tells them something completely different.
  • Getting the same 5 or so common (inaccurate) reasons its “you’re fault” in rotation.
  • Many healers giving you the same unsuccessful generic advice that doesn’t work, in rotation, after their session didn’t work.

Sometimes people are told things from the healer after an unsuccessful session, advice that only works on the easy-to-mid level entities.  Not the advanced ones.

  • “Burn such and such herb and it will go away”
  • “Just Love yourself”
  • “Just ignore it”   (Rarely works in any case)


We’ve heard several stories of the less skilled Healers, saying something like…

“You were an evil sorcerer in your past life, and this is karmic, that’s why my skills are not working”  (despite compelling evidence to the contrary)

“Just burn X herbs, and you will be fine”

“I got rid of the entities, but you brought it back by thinking about it”  (Though the entity never left for a second).  Sometimes the healers will later agree upon by the healer the entities never left.


Please post your experiences with Healers, especially if you know of any healers that can remove the very difficult entities. 

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  1. I’ve also been to multiple different healers (at least 15), and while some of them did remove entities on me that I could feel (some earth bounds, some parasites), none of them have been able to remove a parasite that’s been latched onto my back (attaching behind my solar plexus and behind my third eye). I’ve just assumed that the healers were all on different vibrations and were seeing things on their own vibration and it was different from the other healers (ie. successive healers removed things that others previously didn’t even notice or see). Anyway I can feel this parasite clearly, I can feel when it’s moving, I have felt it partially let go a couple times but it’s still stuck there and it gives me intense headaches and pain in the middle of my back. None of the healers I’ve been to could even detect it, and I don’t know what to do. Most of the healers out there it seems are just in it for the money, I’ve even found discriminatory ‘healers’ out there (go figure).

    One of the shaman healers I went to removed a parasite living in my chest and it was intertwined with this one, and as that shaman was removing this thing in my chest, the entity on my back started withdrawing because it was also being pulled foreword, but it still managed to stay latched onto me without getting pulled out, and the shaman healer didn’t even notice any other entity present. According to the shaman I was free of entities. It didn’t really make sense to me as I thought they were on the same spiritual energy vibration seeing as it was being pulled at the same time, but it wasn’t removed.

    I really wish I could find someone that can detect and remove this parasite because I can’t handle the pain and intense pressure in my head, and I don’t know what to do (also just in case anyone out there thinks I’m being reckless here, I’ve already done every modern medical exam and according to doctors I’m fully physically healthy). Anyway, if there’s anyone out there with super awarenesses/abilities that can see/feel it on me remotely, please please remove it.

    1. Wow. My father is going through something similar he gets tormented 24 hours in a day I’ve been in this journey with him for 18 years and it’s so hard to see a love one suffer and you can’t do anything I mean he is suffering it’s like anal astral rape. It does things to people he interacts with like scare them away or sabotage many of his deals I’m a true witness I believed dAd when I seen for myself what this energy has done I wish I new what to do we did cleaning cleansing went to people that said they was the best if y’all know someone please reach out to me and my dad 816-769-9582. We have tried everything but I know we are missing something.

    2. This is a similar situation that i’m going thru. I have been to 5 diffrent practitioners and every one failed… Did someone help you with your problem? If so i would appreciate if you can share a name.

  2. Hello,

    Do you know of any reputable healers, preferably in the NYC, Long Island or tristate area? I don’t know who to trust on line.

    Thank you,

  3. I was referred to this website by a caring gentleman seeking help for his friend who is the creator of this website… And although I could not offer anything other than my prayers initially somehow it hit me that I may know someone that can help, that I know has experience in battling dark entities… So I put his and his partner’s info here whom I have totally resonated with (rare I can say this about anyone) so perhaps I am able to help… If they cannot, then perhaps they can refer someone who can but I do TRUST them. Please do contact me if they can help you or any feedback in the future at all .. .It appears you cannot put a website on this comment bc it appears as spam so I would just say to GOOGLE “HYPERSPACE CONNECTION” The healers’ names are Andreas & Heidi…

    – my email is AQN1976@YAHOO (Andrew)

  4. I’ve heard of 2 different cases where no healer could remove an entity attachment, but the solution that finally removed each of them are related. Both solutions relate to Paramahamsa Nithyananda aka Swamiji. This is a famous guru in India who recently publicly acknowledged himself as a benevolent ET. He often conducts live programs via 2-way video conference and many of these programs are free; however access to them are only available through special center locations, which are located all over the U.S. and other countries. I’ve heard that this list of center locations have been updated, but has not yet been published to the public. If you contact and ask a center location host nearest to you from this list, it’s very possible that they can give you contact info about a center location closer to you in within your own city that is not shown on the publicly posted list. Search on google for: Nithyananda Global Center List.

    Solution #1. The guy with the entity told me he attended a $50 live 5-hr workshop at one of these locations in a large Florida city (at someone’s house). A main part of all the workshops is Swamiji gives very powerful initiations/attunements that are super high vibrational energy which Swamiji says upgrades our body system. Well this guy said when he received the 2 live initiations from Swamiji and during which he felt Swamiji’s energy being the most powerful of any energy flowing through him for 30 mins straight during each initiation. He said he felt his entity almost completely weakened and struggling to keep ahold of him during the first initiation and he felt no pain. He said the entity usually caused him pain if it got damaged any way, but not this time. He said at the end of the 1st initiation, it had detached about 90% from him, but not totally. Then he said about 1 hr later, Swamiji gave a 2nd initiation and within the first 10 mins of the 30 min energy initiation, the guy said his entity completely detached from him and left. He said he could feel a huge amount of fear from this entity as it left him and then he felt overwhelming feeling of freedom/liberation and peacefulness. He said this happened a year ago and the entity has not returned.

    Solution #2. The lady with the entity told me she contacted one of the workshop locations in the Northeast U.S. She said that though there was not a workshop scheduled for many months to come, she made arrangement with the location person to meet up and receive a couple free healings directly from Swamiji through a special crystal that the workshop location people have, called an Atma Linga. Apparently this crystal has several VERY powerful benevolent beings living inside of it and it has a direct connection to Swamiji. The workshop location person just held this large elliptical clear crystal on top of the lady’s head for about 10 mins and she did this two different times, about 1 hour apart. The lady said she felt the most powerful energy she had ever felt enter into her crown chakra and run through her entire body. She said she felt her entity didn’t like this energy at all and removed itself from her within a couple minutes but it still had a cord connection to her. She knew the entity was greatly weakened, but not completely disconnected. She said that at the very last minute of the 2nd healing with this crystal, she felt all the cords disconnect by this entity from her and it left her. She said that happened about 2 yrs ago and it has not returned. She was amazed how powerful that healing was. She said she had worked in the past with the most powerful crystals including moldavite and many others, but this atma linga was at least 100X stronger than any of these she had worked with. She said she wanted to get one herself, but learned that they are not for sale. She said the only way a person can get one is to receive it directly from Swamiji after being initiated for it. She said that there are tens of thousands of people all over the world now who have attended live programs in India with this guru and they all have one of these crystals. She told me that she has investigated and found that other gurus have a similar type of crystal they offer and you can buy crystals that are similar, but none of those have the beings living inside of them or the direct connection to Swamiji, which is the secret sauce of the healing ability and entity removal ability. She said that she learned many people with stage 4 cancer and other major illnesses have been instantly healed by a physical touch from Swamiji, which is the most powerful healing a person could receive, beyond the atma linga crystal or a live 2-way workshop.

    A few things to note about Swamiji… I’ve been told that elites in control/power don’t like him to heal & liberate others and improve their consciousness. They have been trying to stop him from doing this for about 10 yrs now different ways: many attempts on his life, slandering him in the media and accusing him of crimes. A couple years ago he was exonerated in the courts for multiple rape charges whereas the accusers openly admitted to hiring actresses to falsify such claims against him. Still more legal accusations and charges are occurring from people, trying to stop him. Healing is just a side thing for Swamiji. His main thing is improving humanity’s consciousness level. The people mentioned above who used to have difficult to remove entities, they said that the only way they were able to receive help from Swamiji and his people was to act interested in Swamiji for the consciousness improvement aspects, not to openly communicate about their entities and real motive to get them removed. I have heard of people getting powerful entity attachments removed within minutes, pain-free, when they attended live programs in India with Swamiji; however that solution is VERY expensive ($5,000+ USD for those programs). This will be how a person can receive physical touch from Swamiji which I’ve heard almost instantly forces the entity to release/detach from the person (regardless how powerful it is). Being at a live program seems to be the most powerful removal opportunity, then the live 2-way workshop video conferences are less powerful, then receiving physical touch from the atma linga crystal (no remote healings offered), then sometimes Swamiji offers a live workshop but from a 1-way link where he gives initiations (I’m told the power level is very weak because his secret sauce is seeing you directly either in person or on camera via a 2-way link), then lastly the weakest power level for entity removals are initiations Swamiji has recorded and has available for people to see on youtube for free. Basically you get into a meditative posture, close your eyes and listen to him chanting for the duration of the video. The lady with the entity said she could feel that her entity didn’t like the energy from listening to such videos she found on youtube, but they were not powerful enough to detach her entity. Search on youtube for: Nithyananda Initiation Healing. Though Swamiji is a Hindu religion ayurvedic guru, you don’t have to be Hindu, believe in that faith or worship anything to receive help from him. For anyone interested in trying these solutions, please report back on this page which specific solution you try and what the effects are (if it worked or not).

    BTW, I recently learned that Swamiji is now offering to gift anyone from the public a FREE atma linga and initiation into it via 2-way video conference from one of these locations (from the link I shared above)! He has already done this a couple times this past month and I heard he will do so again a few times in year 2020, starting in January. Keep checking back to that workshop page to see when they post the dates, if you’re interested in this potential solution. As the guy who posted 2 days before me said, we are not able to list the url link here. With that said, you can instead find Swamiji’s workshop page by googling these 2 words: nithyananda atmalinga .

    1. Amazing thanks for sharing this info.I learned something from it about crystals.I had experience about crystals and the entity. The entity does not like crystals at all ( the entity left my body.) Pls wear clear crystal pendant to protect ourselves from any entity attachment. DRINKING WATER WITH SALT IS GOOD TOO.ENTITY DOES NOT LIKE IT AND SO AS WATER WITH LEMON JUICE.

    1. I have many parasites and entities. I can trade as I am a healer who has miracles come thru prayers.

  5. Hi I’d like to thank all that have set this website up. I am suffering the presence of a tentacled entity. Sometimes I feel a spider or jellyfish or leech type. Most days its the tentacles though. I feel it in and around my head of all places. I think I am more sensitive in my body to my upper chakras.
    I have a book by Samuel Sagan on entities and I would like to give their technique a go.
    I contacted the UK entity clearer name Steve Deeks Da Silva and was interested in his services as he presented alot of info that resonated with my experience on his website. As I asked lots of questions and was unsure I was told to go find another healer. Part of my process or maybe that was the entity?.
    I have recently had 1 month of remote healing with Audwin Trapman and although I noticed a difference in my energy and will to self care it has not shifted the entity. He did tell me that strong entities can take several months. It’s hard to know how much money and time to give to one healer – it’s hard to navigate all this!.
    I’d like to reach out to Shiro and thank everyone for setting up this page. I would love to make contact with other people experiencing entities and work together to help find a loving solution.

      1. If healers can’t remove the entities what helps is if you starve the entities no one really talks about this but as a sensitive I noticed the difference they feed on starchy foods fatty foods junk food..this is where they can become harder to remove as they grip on to you tighter they become weak when you don’t eat certain foods then you can find a healer that can remove it/them this has happened to me in the past..and when I didn’t eat certain foods they became weak and were still looking for a healer that can help there was one who said he removed the entities from me but I can still feel movement but when I contact them they say I’m clear which is false because I’m not if I find someone who can help i will be sure to pass on the information in the meantime if you still have these entities try to do a fast eating foods that don’t have starch and no red meat try eats foods that the entities won’t like when you get that thought in your head saying no im not going to eat this it the entities putting thoughts in your head they also confuse you and send you to healers that can’t help you…you will fear healers that can help

    1. Hello I know you posted this early this year did you manage to find anyone to help remove the entity attachments as I’m going through the same thing especially with this year a lot of heavy energy is around due to all the fear in the world it just feels heavy outside have you found anyone?

  6. I live in southern orange country C.A,. I’ve been trying to find someone who actually can do a proper healing/removal,for months. My mother passed away, The night before her funeral service I had a spontaneous out of body experience to a lower plane where people who didn’t know they were dead and many other negative things exist. I somehow brought her out of there, but apparently something else too I’ve had a lot of negative things happen to me , that are way to frequent and large in magnitude to be coincidence, along with the mental negative effects. I Really need to see someone with experience. Please any referrals in southern C.A, would mean a lot before it gets even worse. Thank you!

  7. hey i have worked with a lot of healers as well and no luck. My condition is actually bizare. I feel as though i am actually posessed, and have little to no control over my life. I am incredibly drained every day, and have a lot of physical symptoms as well, and have thoughts that pound on my head. I have worked with many healers online (,,,, & many more throughout the years without any success. I feel as though if a healer is contacted to which the healing doesn’t work, or for a short period of times and the attachments return, we are in an even worse position because not only are we stuck in the same position as before(or worse as the entities will get angrier), we will spend a lot of money and those of us without a lot of money have to wait and gather more money (prolong the suffering) to hopefully find another healer. I have been dealing with this for many years and what i have realized is that it just keeps on getting worse, and you give your power away every second. all your buttons and thoughts are realized, and your like a puppet on strings(if your not there yet it will eventually lead there). I’ve realized there is a lot of trauma that has the entities latched onto the body, and there can be a bond that can eventually develop over time which needs to be cleared. I will try and contact some of the healers listed here hopefull for a solution, but i think it is necessary for all of us to know theres alot of us suffering, and to share new information so if someone finds the desired help, we can all be notified. And also thank you to the person who made this website.

      1. Hey dude Kobie. Have you found a succesful healer? I am only 23 year old and i was living a fine life before 8 months where i went to China to study and seems like i got entity… Chronic pain, chronic anxiety, chronic fatigue, hearing voices and seeing shadows are my symptoms. Please share with me if you find anyone, i tried with Andy from UK but it didnt work for me…

        1. No I’m on here looking as well for someone who has found a healer. I have chronic fatigue feeling like something is flying around my body and inside my body. I feel it breathing on me. It attaches to my back and my head. I tried Audwin Trapman it didn’t work. I’ve tried Wanda pratnicka it didn’t work. I tried Phoenix riding it didn’t work. I’m wondering if anyone has found someone who can actually remove a difficult entity

          1. I was just about to try the same people… Fck this shit… lets keep in touch, if someone of us finds someone that helps him…

    1. Indy I had some thoughts from your share. Have you had your physical symptoms checked out, maybe you have chronic fatigue. Also, sounds like increasing your psychic protection each day might help. Also do you have a spiritual practice, can you meditate to clear your mind.

  8. has anyone tried “hyperspace connection” listed here or any healers that have some success? Most healers i contact just remove it and it either doesn’t work, or the entities return after a short period of time(probably hide and decieve us/healers to think its removed). Also has anyone tried past life regression & SRT? The more articles i read point to that being the proper way to deal with entity issues. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

  9. Hey Kobie, George, were you guys able to find someone who can help? Entity has articles that make a lot of sense but when I try and contact the creator Ethan Vorly I never get a response. Thanks guys and I hope we’re still searching for help

  10. Hi,

    I tried demonslayer on Fiverr, and she is legit. She helped my family. I had an incubus stuck for years on my chakra that blocked my career, nothing worked until I tried her.
    www / demonslayer/remove-spirits-demons-curses

    I’ve heard great recommendations about reikimastersami too (still trying him myself).
    universalchild7 is great too (one session from her is a lot more powerful than years of healing from other so-called healers). But I’d say her work is complimentary to demonslayer’s.

    I’ve tried other so-called healers (mrrabie, shanu247, psychicclaraj), but they didn’t work, waste of money.

    Hope it helps someone.

  11. All….

    I am 41 Incarnate, Captain in His Army, Angel of the Universal God…….I recently awoke to my nature upon my Saturn return and successfully removed one of these destructive beings from myself after 4 months of rediscovery of my Gifts and meditation/attunement…..and even then it took multiple disciplines used simultaneously including rune magic, reiki symbols, energy force channeling, and psychic/telekenetic repulsion, among others. I will attempt to help all here in any way I can. These entities cause a pain unlike any other attachment I have encountered. Including native universe demonic attachments……after my awakening and subsequent leap in attunement the pain was quite literally unbearable for a time. but it is possible to remove these beasts

    1. Are you still out there? Hello my name is Susan. I have one in my forehead which was on the right side of my head. It spreads tentacles down through shoulder blade, down spine, into internal organs. Been twelve years. Caused me addiction, immorality, dark thoughts. Deep pain. Can you teach me how you did it for yourself or help in any way? Please and thank you.

  12. I am wondering if there is in fact no way to remove the entities that are astral parasites. I don’t think there is such a thing as an affinity. It doesn’t resonate, for me.
    I can actually feel the tentacles in and around my head and nothing I do, no amount of praying makes any difference. I have had an experience where it felt like loving energy was being transferred through a tentacle. Sometimes I wonder if memories are being stimulated to stimulate upset and sadness but that is not so clear to me at this point.
    I wonder to what extent my energy is affected. Maybe I’ve had it so long i can’t tell.
    I am sensitive enough to feel the sensations of it there and it’s that that tires me out and limits my life. I want to turn to unhealthy behaviours to cope with the sensations.
    The continuous intensity of the sensations is like torture – I feel the tentacles stroking and pressing and wiggling about, squeezing and sucking – on my upper energy centres presumably.
    The fact that I can’t shift it with prayer or with help from a healer makes me wonder if these tentacled creatures are simply not meant to be removed.
    Maybe they are serving some kind of natural purpose ?.
    It seems to me the real problem could be that of too much consciousness – too much sensitivity to be able to feel it there.

  13. I’ve dealt with many of these types of things that other people couldn’t help with. I believe they often come from past life enemies, not necessarily meaning you did anything wrong in those lives though, as suppression forces were involved in many people’s lives and probably follow them into this one. That’s what seems to have happened to me, as for removing it, just ‘declaring yourself free of all past life contracts’ never did anything for me.
    I’ve had many energy system issues for years that I believe are starting to be fixed now, and most healers tended to just make it worse.
    I’ve dealt with a lot of entity deception so I know some of the signs of it but I’m not perfect and probably don’t have methods for everything.
    I would recommend for people to try to contact entities they trust, or from their past life family but unfortunately that isn’t the best advice either since the harmful beings could’ve been manipulating you from a young age, altered your past and present life memories, or even incarnated with you in several lives to fuck with you.
    If you’re having issues with entities then you can respond to this post suppose, I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it and seeing what I can do for free, since I understand this sort of thing more than most healers, but like I said, I can’t promise I’ll be able to fix it. I don’t really want to post my contact information on a public forum where I can’t delete it if I end up being harassed.

  14. George here I’m 54 I’ve been battling this crap for 9 years. I picked up a dark entity in jail overnight for a dwi. Then a neighbor of mine who moved in was a paranormal investigator I think she brought more in I had the dark entity removed by arch angel Micheal through a great medium. Shaun Tannenbaum unfortunately I don’t think he does the work anymore he has health issues. Now I’ve got a few attachments that never shut up. Maybe 3. Nobody can help all these expensive healers are full of shit. I’m gonna try demonslayer on fivver

  15. Hello all. I have had loads of darkness on me and i can tell straight that nobody of you have had such huge amount as me. And the reason i started to get them was not aware of dark people arround, also not professional and weak healers who made things worse. If you want to get rid of entities, demons and other stuff a true healer must see what is going on with you exactly and know how to help you without a harm. That is only a way you can get a proper help. I have tried lots of healers, psychic mediums..some of them were expensive and waste of money. Also have tried some healers you guys have mentioned above. And also didn’t help, sometimes took off me some entities but haven’t seen more on me and thought i am crazy… I wanted to die and to kill myself. Was very hard journey with darkness.. i understand everyone who has those is horrible. I have spent lots of money and still not healed…was willing to pay all money i earn (to be at work was really pain in the ass, suffering, but better than stay at home and cry), just needed the right help. Because money for me is nothing if you don’t have health and literally losing your soul…Somehow God blessed me and i found psychicnicole on She only one who truly helped me. She is the best healer i have ever met. Very professional and having unique gift and sees everything what is going on with you. Because of her i am getting back to life and she saved my soul. I am really happy now, finally God sent me professional Healer who i have been looking for so long. Hope my post will help those who really are lost and still seeking a help.

      1. You are welcome! I am so happy you chose the best healer ever on this planet! Nobody can compare with her. She is realy amazing..has wonderful heart and soul. And helping so much!

  16. Hey everyone i have also tried countless number of healers and what i have realized is that healers wont help clear the entities as you yourself are the reason that they are there. there is balance in the universe and like attracts like, so all of the emotional trauma that you have experienced in this and past life needs to be cleared from your subconscious as this is what the entities feed off. Once trauma is created you have what is called a samskara and this is basically the moment of trauma that stays in the body. Samskara’s and your chakra’s need to be cleared and the way to do this is through the proper meditation. Opening your third eye, grounding yourself, and sealing your aura daily are vital to this!!! I have spent thousands of dollars just like most of you here and i feel like all of us feel as though we have it worst as it seems that nobody can experience the pain but i assure you mine is real and i have physical symptoms where my hair falls out, and i feel the sensations and thoughts as all of you do. I will attach ethan vorly’s book This will explain everything. I will also encourage to download past life regression as he explains what an entity is, how it attaches, and literally every question you have is in this book. He explains how to clear yourself from these problems and i feel that this is honestly the best advice out there. downloading the meditation solution will also speed the process. Good luck and i hope all of us will truly clear ourselves as once we do, we know the truth and we can make it mainstream and change the world!!

  17. Hi i have tried all of the healers listed and online with no success, until i read on this page about psychicnicole on fiverr and i have been working with her for the past 2 months. She is the real deal! please if you are suffering like you i have spent thousands of dollars and many years to find a healer that can help, and thank you to sun777 you have guided me to the person that is healing me. Please she can help you if you are suffering as i know as well as all of you that no one deserves to live this way.

  18. I contacted the best healer in all Brazil, he heals and remove everything but he didn’t had good luck with this one, he worked with this 1 year long and it caused many troubles to him and his student.

  19. I know one who is very experienced and successful in negative entity removal. He has been doing this for over 20 years and has more or less made it his mission. He is a Grand Master in Traditional Reiki and makes very easy contact with the entity world. He is very powerful using techniques and symbols. He is not afraid for them and learned it the hard way by experience. I can’t explain exactly how he works but he has helped a lot of people already on location and at a distance. I know he removed an entity from a house once who was very agressive. Two of the houseowners already commited suicide but he managed to save the third person in the house by removing the entity. His website is I hope I can help someone with this information.

  20. Here is a Facebookpage of one Russian exorcist his name is An (known as Evgeny Lanovoy) it is on Russianlanguage but there is his contact information, so peoplecan reach him. Moreover, he have planty of videos with his energy healing seccions. Again it is transmiten in Russian but to feel the energy you do not need to understand the language. So people can try. It is not an advertisement by me. I am his pacient and working with him for a month by now. My case is very havy, i am not cured yet, but he gives me a lot to survive. He helped many people successfully. i believe his method can help some people with this problems, especially with less havy issues. ://
    With regards and respect to your work and research in this area.
    Good luck,

  21. I’ve found a healer that is helping me with some serious entity issues so I would like to share his info here. So far I have had 2 sessions with him and I am impressed with how much better I am feeling. Its not completely gone yet but I am functioning much better and barely hearing voices anymore. I had a psychic attack after doing some plant medicine in an inappropriate setting – with multiple spirits hitting me hard to the point where I thought I might get diagnosed with schizophrenia if I were to go to a psychiatrist and get locked up in a hospital. I really thought I would not be able to find someone to help me, so I’m happy to have found him relatively early in my search.

    His name is D’Oyen Fraser

    Here is his youtube channel- a direct link to some videos of him doing remote entity release:

    Here is his website

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