Tentacle Monster or Astral Squid Entity Attachments, Spirit Attachments

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This is a video of the TM doing a VERY mild demonstration on someone in my garage.


The Entity filled up most of the garage at the time, and much of the mass of it was on the ceiling.  It was the ends of some tentacles from the ceiling were affecting Tom.  Pulling them off his head did not remove it overall.  Usually when it attacks me it puts the tentacles back on after I pull them off.  Not with other people around me though.

I mentioned in the video how I was able to pull them off, to help convey the before and after effects.

And, I’m not speaking clearing in the video because it’s squeezing me while I’m talking.  Sometimes I think I should have just made some public videos explaining everything, years ago.

About ‘demonstrations’ it or they have done on others

Most people around me have no idea about it unless I mention it.  Often, even other psychics and mediums.  When it affects people, its usually sneaky and like prank stuff like false smells and things.  Or make the not like me, or make them REALLY like me, or pick and argument, etc.  The usual stuff attaching spirits do to people everyday, but with both much more subtlety and intensity.

I used to think, “I wished someone could just come up to me and tell me they can see it”.

Eventually one person did.

I went to a friends house and his new girlfriend was there.  She came up to me from across a large room, and said I have this big thing around me. And she was right.  She was from the Philippines, where people are more open and honest about such things.  But things are quickly changing here.

During clearing sessions it usually hides, more so in the beginning.

There have been more dramatic demonstrations this thing has “given”, and I wished I had recorded them.  One person it paralyzed them and held them in a chair.  She was trained in a Daoist clearing method with chanting.  It was “quiet” and hid the whole time.

Once finished, she said down in the chair, and I watched as hundreds of tentacles came up from the ground, over the chair and her, covered her and solidified.  Her eyes bugged out and she couldn’t move or talk.  Frozen in place, sitting upright and forward.

I told her it was just demonstrating, and not to worry.  I tried pulling it off her, but the ends would stay stuck on her and the part I was pulling on would stretch as they sometimes do.  They let go after about 5 minutes.  They slithered back down and she ‘came to’.  She was able to move and talk got up.

Another time, I was talking to a couple outside and after hours at a metaphysical shop.  They were probably in their late twenties.  The couple had some experiences doing clearings and worked with spirits in some compacity.  Closer to the Wiccan tradition.  Like always, I was looking for someone who could remove it, or someone who knows someone who might be able to.

He was sitting on a tree section that was like a stool, and she was standing on my right about 10 feet away.

We talked for a little while about each others backgrounds and experiences.  They wanted to know more and I told them.  I looked down and could see the TM was all around me on the ground, but ‘thin’ or faint.  Not energized strongly.  The tentacles were like clear, white-ish, semi-transparent pool noodles, about 4 inches in diameter.  Like usually, tentacles everywhere, but I can’t find the head of it, or whatever is behind it or its composed of.  I know the “controller” spirits control it.

If you weren’t used to looking at it, or not experienced with that frequency range clairvoyantly, you’d miss it.  Like most mediums can’t see attaching spirits unless they’re trained to or know to look for them.  Even then, you only see a few of the many frequencies.  The first 3, not the 300 other ones.

I was telling the couple about the TM, and other some other very surprising and uncommonly known things about the spirit world I’ve learned from experience and direct observation.  They were both a surprised by a lot of it, since most of it’s not well known.

The guy asked me if I every took LSD or something.

“Definitely not”.

They had never heard of things like this before, and they couldn’t see anything.  I informed them, that I’ve never taken any kind of hallucinogens and rarely even take prescription meds.  In part, for this reason.  I knew people who had in their teens had done a lot of LSD, and were still skilled and accurate psychics, but I didn’t want to chance it.

There’s plenty of real “shit to see”, all over the place.

The woman said she didn’t see anything, and they were both kind of “haha” about it.

I was an experienced Psychic Medium and Healer before it was here (though I didn’t get it because of that), and it took me a little while to where I could learn to see it when it first was around me and attacking.

I told her to keep looking in the general area, with a relaxed gaze with your clairvoyance on, and you’ll start to see it after while, then went back to talking to the guy about it, and discussed some of his experiences.

Shortly after…

…I can see it!   She said.  It slowly came visible to her.

You could see the light bulb of amazed awareness come on for her.off to my right, I heard her became serious, and astonished.

I knew it.

She described the tentacles.  A bunch of tentacles moved over to her, and started moving up her body and started to cover her.  She was amazing by it. With wide-eyed astonishment.  She was liking down and around left and right of it on her, and said.  “Each one can produce a different feeling!”


Until this thing, that’s something I’ve never heard of, experienced or thought was possible either.

It was “stimulating her” in a way, with many different emotions, being transmitted out of the tentacles.  Into or onto her.

But soon, it got darker, the feelings changed, and squeezed her.  I’m not sure what emotions it was squeezing her with, but I could see it was a lot.  Her expression changed.  Her face turned red, and it was like she was going to pop.  She screamed, and ran way from it.  She ran to her car, got in and sped out of the parking lot.

Her boyfriend still sitting there.

The squid didn’t follow her.

Her boyfriend and I looked at each other for a moment.  He was silent and taken aback.  Yep, I was telling the truth.

I think he called a friend to pick him up.  We talked on the phone about it days later.

After that, I thought I have to get it on video when I can.  And thus, you have these videos to see because of that.



Tentacle Monsters or Astral Squid Entities, Entity Attachments

Posted on May 31st, 2017

One of the main reasons for this website it to find people who’ve been able to remove the entities that are squid-like.  Some are referred to as a “Tentacle Monster”, astral squids, octopus entities, etc.

So far, we have not found a method to remove these, other than the smaller ones.  Though we think it’s possible, we have not found a healing method, healer or device that has yet been able to get rid of these.

See our page on entity removal devices for things we have tried so for, that do work on some other kinds of entities.

If you know of anyone that can remove these, please let us know.  You can used the contact form or the comments below.  Time is of the essence.


A Summary The Attributes & Abilities of One Tentacle Monster

  1. Its a large squid like entity with thousands of tentacles
  2. Each one can transmit a different thought, feeling or push/pull movement, all in a coordinated attacks
  3. It is very strong for an entity.  It can pin a person in a chair, push or shove them physically, etc.
  4. In most clearings, it will either make itself colorless, so the healer cannot see it.  Or, it spread itself out and anchors itself to everything in the room, so far making it un-removable
  5. The most experienced healer I worked with said she had never seen anything like it
  6. Most psychic readings I got before this were accurate.  Now, so far it has been able to fool everyone with false information.  It puts tentacles into or front of their chakras, or around the person.
  7. It is very large.  It can fill up a room, lining the walls and ceiling with tentacles.
  8. It can transmit any feeling out of each tentacle.  From intense and overwhelming you can’t function, to so subtle, you don’t know it’s doing it to you.  You might notice a change in behavior.
  9. It can create dark and menacing feelings, to intense but false feelings of friendship and love.  Yes, and it can transmit pure love into you.  Causing your energy to open and soften up, then attack do a vicious attack.
  10. I used to wonder why I would tell people it’s tricking them with false data, and they’ keep speaking for it, or something.  Its a freaky experience.  Then one day it put this feeling on me, very overwhelming false feeling of not caring that I’m getting false information.
  11. It can affect multiple people at once, at the same location or multiple locations at once.
  12. It can create very convincing psychic Illusions.  One healer was astonished it was still there after she thought she cleared it.  She said “But I put it in the healing room with Jesus!!”  That was her particular healing method.
  13. The Illusions it can create include all the senses.  Visual, sounds, touches, even smells.  These indistinguishable from real smells, unless you block the sides or tip of you nose.  It will make people smell really good or really bad.  It can make food smell like rotting garbage, etc.


What do they look like?

The ones that I have seen or dealt with, have a main body that is rounded or blob like, that is sometimes or often hidden.  From that extends what appears to be thousands of tentacles.  Though small ones can clump together to form larger ones.

Each tentacle can project different energies independently, but they all work in unison.  Overall, they have a LONG list of unusual abilities that other kinds of entities do not have.

The ones we have dealt with were evidently being controlled by other entities.  We haven’t found a way to remove them either.

One person who has one, says she got hers from involvement with a someone in the upper levels of Scientology training.  She said she knows of two other people with the tentacle or squid like entities.  One person is no longer alive because of it, the other person has shut themselves in and won’t leave the house.

So far, it doesn’t appear the squids are exclusive to the above mentioned  organization.

I have one and have no connection with Scientology.

I and none of the people I’ve been in contact with about the Squid, know how remove them.

It usually hides, makes itself too subtle or transparent to see, or extends it tentacles over a wide around a room and holds on tight.

I figure it would take someone of extraordinarily skill and/or energetic strength to remove one.  Perhaps more than one person.  I’ve been in communication with hundreds of people about this.  In person, on the phone, email, Skype, everything.

Unless you can see them, or feel them out with your hands, its hard to tell if one is there or not.

The ones that I have dealt with are on the frequency of regular aura energy.  You don’t have to tune in on the “ghost level or frequency”.  If you can see regular energy, you might be able to see these.

One of their tricks is to make themselves colorless, so you see right though them.

As do some other categories of entities.  So even psychically, it can take some experimentation to see them.   Even for experienced psychics, entity removal healers.  With practice you can see them.  Looking for the edges of the tentacles at the width of them, is easier.

I’ve seen a few people look right at one, and say “I don’t see anything”.  I say, keep looking.  Soon it makes itself more dense, and it gets quite a reaction from the person who couldn’t see it.

They tend to only attack the person who is their main host, aside from minor tricks they play on other people.


Below this, is some more information that was sent as an email to a Shaman, for one particular case.


I’ll paste a list of things I’ve sent people before so they have an idea about it.  Its an older list, but tells a lot.  I don’t want to send someone too much info at once, but Its an unusual case and some of the details trip people up.

It/they are very tricky.  It can use reverse psychology.  Regular entities might make you feel bad or attack you if they don’t want you to do something.  The tm (tentacle monster) might attack someone TO get them to do it, if it thanks you’ll rebel against it, or if that’s your usual way of dealing with entities.

One thing about it, is it does complex or compound attacks.  For instance, if it/they want to make you eat, there will be a tentacle on your stomach, pulling to make you feel empty.  Tentacles on your temples pulling on the feeling of craving, other tentacles pushing a feeling of “I want food” on your forehead, making a feeling of chewing on your jaw, a feeling of how much you need to eat on the back of your head.

You’re like a pincushion, you just don’t know it.

Then, it/they will pull you physically toward the food from your shoulders, and push on your back forward.

It gives false information the same way.  Tentacles on your chakras, or hovering gently in front of them, with false images, feelings, sounds, etc.  And a feeling of amplified confidence somewhere else so you go with the information.

Before the tm, most readings I got were accurate.  Afterwards, they are almost all a trick of some kind.

I used to do readings, healings, etc.  But didn’t get the TM, related to that, as far as I can tell.

…also…It can attack people with ‘good’ feelings.  It can completely wrap someone (usually me) in intense love, peace, relaxation, letting go, Joy, you name it.

With me, its used to open me up for the next attack, or make me feel like something is good when it’s not, or vice versa.  Even after all these years, I still get tricked by it on occasion.

It/they do this attack, where they make you not aware of what’s happening.  A nothing-like glow around your head or something.  Then whatever other attack they are doing, you don’t even realize it until afterward.


I should specify that it can fill up the space around me in a large area, or hide, with parts of itself spread out, attached to walls, the floor, pushing off walls, etc. It can make itself colorless, so it’s hard to see, etc.

Here’s a list of it’s short highlight of its unusual attributes. Perhaps it will help: I’m thinking that acupuncture as part of the treatment won’t help in this case.

It is very strong, and can do many things at once, and can quickly alter my energy in seconds. Add in, take out, twist around…anything. I’m open to new ideas, but I don’t think the problem is in my energy. Usually that’s the case for most things, but the ‘tm’ is controlled by other entities (I call them controllers), and affects everything, not just one energy/emotional ‘hook’. It seems to be able to make you feel or not feel anything.

It has affected other people around me in ‘demonstrations’. Since it has such unusual properties or ability, I’ll give more background on it. It can cause all kinds of symptoms or problems. This list covers the basics of how it functions to help determine a possible solution or what to expect from it. – So far I’ve had sessions with 27 other healers. (Edit: about 80 now)

Most have been remote. Most could see or experience it in some way, but were not able to remove it. – It’s like a large squid or octopus with hundreds or more tentacles. Each can transmit a different emotion, thought, or push, pull, twist on your energy independently. – It can block the effects of medication, by pushing on your energy, or amplify them so hardly anything has a huge effect by “pull-amplifying” it. – It can change its density and quality very quickly.

It can be vapor like or metal like and change between the two in a few seconds. It can completely encapsulate someone with a foot thick of tentacles. Individual tentacles can be 2 feet in diameter, or thin and needle like. – Hiding: It can become colorless or feeling-less so you see through it. Otherwise, it’s on the frequency of regular auric energy.

If someone can sense energy, but not spirits, they can still see/feel the tm. – It can become small and hide, or absorb environmental energy and grow the size of a couch or car, or bigger. – It can be on one clump, but usually it’s spread out. A mass of tentacles spread out across the floor, with some of it going from wall to wall or to the ceiling. – Can stab into people with feelings, or crush existing feelings in.

Sometimes it has a numbing like feeling, so anything it touches looses feeling. Like Novocaine. Or, what I call the feeling of “nothing”. Its makes a cotton ball like energy, and when it hits you, you loose whatever feeling/emotion or thought you had. – Put thoughts or feelings into people with tentacles that hover quietly around them. Making them see images that it’s gone, etc. – False smells. It can put tentacles on your nose, creating false smells that are indistinguishable from real ones.

This can happen to multiple people at once. – It can cling to objects with unusual strength. One time a mass of it about 2 feet long, was on the floor. I picked it up, and it felt as heavy as a 30-40lb dog. Then it let go, and it lifted right up. It can push off of walls or other objects for leverage. -I used to clear things out of houses or from people with energy visually.

I can’t budge this thing. I have to use my hands. Its attacks can be stopped momentarily by clapping it flat, pulling the energy off of a tentacle, etc. But its only a temporary fix. – I can *usually pull tentacles off with my hands. Then I have to ground my other energies it was attacking so it will stop. Otherwise it just sticks other tentacles on.

I used to do what I thought was pulling them apart what i would attack me. But I found it was pulling the energy off of them, like pulling the tinsel off of garland decoration. There’s a fishing line like material at the core of each tentacle, that has shown to be unbreakable s far. – When I first discovered it was being used to cause me all kinds of problems, I met the “head” of it. It was about the size of a volleyball.

I’ve only seen or felt tentacles since. It affects me all day. Any time I feel something it stabs it in, pulls it out or numbs it away. I was told by the time it’s done, they’re only be a “very polite person” left. This definitely appears to be happening.


We’re following the advice of some of our visitors, and asking for donations via paypal. Donations would be very helpful in maintaining the site and our active Research & Development projects. Thanks. Everything collected goes directly to the website and research. You can use the button here to enter any amount.


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  1. Greetings brother. I have something I would like to share with you regarding this subject but I dont want to post it in public on this page. Can you please email me.

    1. Morpheus, you wanted to help this guy but many other people experience these feelings genuinely and it would’ve been nice if you were willing to share we need as much real help as we can get most people fraudulently talk about these things but there are some that are serious with no help in sight

    2. Hey I’m new to this community. But I’m a veteran lucid dreamer, almost a pro lol. It’s believed when freakin we enter in the astral world where u are capable to instantly summon anything with thought (Lucid dreaming). In my dreams I love to teleport, cause chaos, fun around, I’m a god there. One time I was flying around a city. And I went down on the ground to walk , as I was walking, There were ppl all around me minding their business. As I was walking I suddenly transformed into some monstrous creature while I screeched.(remember this is a lucid dream) lol. As I was transforming, the ppl around me looked at me, Nd started to vibrate, Nd their heads Nd bodies vibrated soo fast they shapeshifted in front of my eyes and tentacles were coming out of them, Nd trying to latch on me, I got scared yet, my arm somehow pointed at them my hand opened Nd I shot these spikes at them idk how, I did not expect that, then I retreated back into the real world (I woke up). I’ve fought a couple entities in my lucid dreaming Nd I be controlled armies of the undead trying to get me, Nd send them to attack whatever entities who have sent them. U may need to lucid dream Nd whoop teach them a lesson. I pulled the younger out of this one frightening entity Nd it ran away Nd turned invisible, I began trying to hunt it down with passion but I woke up lmao. I was going to teach that entity a real lesson. Best believe it never came around again. I Hope my experience can be utilized.

  2. I have actually seen that entity you speak of ,on someone, and have been looking for more information ever since.

  3. I’ve removed contact me anytime, however im short you need to buy it away with pressure such as sky diving or fasting for 10+ days or high emotional situation burn off the dead wood

  4. Hello. I just discovered this. Thought I would share my experience here.
    Disclaimer- you guys are on some different levels than me. I’ve always had innate abilities,but lack the ability to hone them, and don’t know how to sharpen them more than the ways I already do. So the events described below are purely instinctual like I already know what I’m doing even though I don’t know about reiki or anything. Also. The story is my perception of the situation at the time.
    Condensed version is this here… Was on high dose lsd. Having sex with partner. I start to try and harness some loving kindness white light stuff . It works… Kinda. I feel it radiating from within myself and my astral body takes on the form of a giant cephalopod. it has White Light coming from it. Except it’s kinda dingy and greenish rather than pure white light. I put my astral tentacles into my gf and get to feeling her out astrally as well as physically. I feel *something* in my gfs sacral chakra. Get my tentacles in there and feel around. Grab a nasty out of there and it manifests in the room for a second and then leaves clean all chakras with positive love energy.
    Like… Wtf. Why would it get rid of another demon.

  5. Hey, bud, I have one bothering me at the moment. I had someone call upon fairies (which I didn’t think existed until today) and they pulled the tentacles off me. The healer sent me energy, and it realigned my chakras (or energy patterns). It just bit me and made me numb, in my hand; so I think the energy wore off. It was inside me, for a while, but now it’s just floating around and touching me.

    Let me know how things go with this, I think it’s trying to engage in a psychic battle to exchange souls. This might be what the supposed ‘reptilians’ are, and the ‘greys’ (which I had serious skepticism about, and now wonder if there is truth to it). I saw on Youtube that people have gotten rid of them. They called upon God, and had to have a room full of prayers use the sword of Christ whilst wearing God’s spiritual armor. I’m going to do this, since I had spider demons (as well as a few others) following me. That did the trick when nothing else would. To keep it away a person has to follow the teachings of Jesus: be humble, love others, and don’t judge anyone. Also, avoid things like excessive alcohol and other ‘sins’ since they weaken the energy or mind of a person.

    Message me if you have learned anything new or helpful, I’m not sure but I think it’s one of the ‘Great Old Ones’ from the supposed fiction written by HP Lovecraft. If you want to know how to banish this thing, he might have another way. Though, I don’t think anything is more powerful than the creator and the highest angels.

  6. what was Morpheus’ advice? I know the Tibetan’s have special knives that can kill them, but if you can see/feel it you can literally just grab its head and put a big rock over it. If you put this rock in a hole and toss dirt over it, then it cannot escape and will eventually starve to death. It’s not a demon or spirit, so you can literally do this without it teleporting back to you (or somewhere else). However, they can leave eggs on/in you. When those hatch you’ll have several hundred clinging to you.

    Let me know if you found a device that can kill them, I hypothesis that cold plasma (low volt plasma arcs) can kill or stun them since they have a similar aura to humans. Since they don’t have dense bodies they might succumb to it like bacteria do by undergoing physical disassociation.

    I know people with these things on them, but they wont let me remove them since they manipulate minds. So, if you can figure something out such as the cold plasma or something that can be used at a distance, let me know.

  7. So ive got one in my room. I spotted it 2 weeks ago but only saw the outline of it writhing around. I didnt think it was anything as i usually seem random shapes and outlines at night. So i ignored it as i didnt believe in spirtuality to the degree of actual spirts and energies in the astral plain. Then I spoke to someone who sees things and has spirtual authority. They said they saw it in my room 8 months ago. So I started to believe this thing was real. I found this website. Which describes my experience. Aka colourless tenctacles. Accompanied with feelings of severe anxiety and confusion that have progressively been developing over the past 6 months. Anyway. Theyve been focusing there energy in removing it on a daily basis for a week and a half. After a few days the tenctacles where tied up. Making its influence less prevelaint. They said they think its gone. As they cant see it and theres a “shift in energy”. How do you know if its gone? As you said it can minipulate energy and hide. How did you remove yours? Did you experience its tencticles being tide up after focusing on its removal? Thanks for reading would be helpful if you could get back to me.

  8. So ive got one in my room. I spotted it 2 weeks ago but only saw the outline of it writhing around. I didnt think it was anything as i usually seem random shapes and outlines at night. So i ignored it as i didnt believe in spirtuality to the degree of actual spirts and energies in the astral plain. Then I spoke to someone who sees things and has spirtual authority. They said they saw it in my room 8 months ago. So I started to believe this thing was real. I found this website. Which describes my experience. Aka colourless tenctacles. Accompanied with feelings of severe anxiety and confusion that have progressively been developing over the past 6 months. Anyway. Theyve been focusing there energy in removing it on a daily basis for a week and a half. After a few days the tenctacles where tied up. Making its influence less prevelaint. They said they think its gone. As they cant see it and theres a “shift in energy”. How do you know if its gone? As you said it can minipulate energy and hide. How did you remove yours? Did you experience its tencticles being tide up after focusing on its removal? Thanks for reading would be helpful if you could get back to me

  9. Had one for eleven years. Attached to brain. Nothing would work to get rid of it. Until I purchased a very large Obsidian shaped into a ball. Bought from a miner outfit online with certificate that it is truly Obsidian. The thing is 6 inches across and heavy. I cleared it and charged it two nights in a row in waxing moon and had it grounded sitting in the base of a tree trunk during that time. I slept with it next to my stomach and next night at the base of my butt, tucked between butt and the back of my knees while lying on side. 2nd night the entity began untangling its tantacles from various points in my brain. I at first had lightening type effects going on in my head. Flashes of light. As the thing pulled its tentacles from all over the brain it then as one mass rose up out the top of my head and whoosh, left. I had complete blank, no thought, for ten minutes. And then over the next few weeks, only thoughts when I wanted them. Complete ability to concentrate one one thing at a time with no interference of thought. It was a master thought entity at its heart. Has been like night and day since it left five years ago. The eleven years prior and then the five years after are very different. Freedom.

    1. I don’t have any specific website I refer to on Obsidian. I didn’t expect the results I got. Here’s a quick google hit on someone’s info on what they think Obsidian can do, properties it has:


      and another quick site:


      But proof is in the pudding. I personally bought other Obsidians that were smaller. I can’t fully attest to it, but I think the sheer mass size of mine (I didn’t go cheap) had more power. Charging in the wetlands away from EMF and in a tree in moonlight, who knows how much that affected the Obsidian but since the octopi thought entity left, I don’t discount anything. Like I said, night and day, getting rid of that thing. The Obsidian is kept under my chair (I now sleep in a zero gravity chair).

    2. Is it possible to use 4 inch crystal do you think it will benefit the same?how did you cleanse it and how did you program your crystal?

  10. Everyone (the world) needs to buy the book BEING YOU, CHANGING THE WORlD. I found this when I had all the above energies attached and no clue what to do. I had octopuses larger than my house flying at me while I was driving… honestly that was the least do my worries. See we are all healers. So when you shine bright bigger and bigger things come your way. Just like in life no one can solve someone else’s problems.
    Kundalini yoga and introverted time can heal you physical and light body. Blessings to all!
    Love and Light

  11. Dear Ones,
    I want to say that these things are super real and I feel everyone’s emotional states concerning all entities. I’ve seen and dealt with probably most of them if not all.
    I can say that I’m on the other end of ridding myself of them. You can do it! It’s a personal journey and no one but you can do it! You are your healer and you just need to breath. Literally breath! Do kundalini yoga three times a day or all day if you are unable to leave your home for fear of being locked up in the crazy house. I’ve had my child taken from me bc everyone thought I was nuts.
    It’s no joke I know. I love all of you so very much! We are all in this together and I feel your pain and your beautiful sacred hearts….
    Love and Light
    Beautiful Ones

  12. The natural enemies of an earth octopus are whales, seabirds, and hungry humans.

    Perhaps using the parasites natural enemies energies could be used to terminate these abominations.

    Earths Cephalopods are Highly intelligent, sophisticated and capable of social interaction, beyond that of dogs. Equal to humans

    Be careful new to ascension may not work, may have adverse effects

  13. Hello everyone
    Found this website after having a very interesting experience with a spiritual octopus, I was pushing all energy’s out of my fields and then opened a channel through my fields to allow the spirits I had as “gate keepers” to re enter, apon doing this I caught a large bob inside the channel trapping it, I was then able to bring it close and see it was a octopus while keeping it held inside the channel where it was unable to move, it sprayed some kind of energy cloud which I blew away then released it and watched it try attack me then I played with my energy and changed the vibration back and forward very quickly and the octopus appeared to be unable to latch on and took off very quickly back out of my energy fields,
    I’m unsure if it is still around but I’ve changed my outer layers of energy to pick up on this new thing whenever it comes into contact and have yet to be alerted to its return

  14. I met it too. Saw it twice, it was occupying someone’s heart chakra. It looked like a lot of long black tentacles coming out of that person’s chest. They looked like almost having a material form. They attacked me almost instantly, it felt like the air from my lungs was pushed away, I actually felt physically pushed. It also made me feel extremely, uncontrollably terrified. The feeling was so strong it triggered a fight or flight reaction in me, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such terror before. I had to run to another room, took me at least a minute to come out of shock the first time.
    The person it seemed to emerge from was completely unaware of this and thought that I’m probably loosing my mind – well, it must have looked pretty crazy.
    It all happened in 2014/15 and I could never find any information about it anywhere until now.

    Does anyone even know what it really is or possess any additional knowledge on its subject? I’d be grateful for the information.


  15. Well it’s able to attach to the physical around it because I assume not sure but the shaman is still attached to the physical. So the shaman has to detach from reality completely and fall into the spiritual world without fear of needing a rope to connect them to this reality and dimension. Becoming completely astral without connection and without fear. And face the entity in it’s true form. Because the aquatic is not it’s true form. It sounds like a powerful shapeshifter that forms based on fear.. The tentacles aren’t tentacles they are energy worm holes that is able to syphon any person around and send it to another realm that needs to survive using our emotions.
    That’s just my theory. Whoever house it is at is probably a big ball of emotion that won’t come to terms with themselves, face their fears or do proper healing and detach from their ego. It’s feeding and being kept alive by them. And whoever comes into contact it doesn’t matter. Because the entity is connected to the home owner, it’s his own spirit I assume from another reality. He’s the only one that can make it go away.

    This is only my theory.

  16. Currently doing exorcism, on a lady that had 2 of these. We got rid of one…and it is truly gone. The last one is getting weaker. I’ve used a variety of techniques, everything to constant smudging with sage, asking her to drink sage tea, to chants, used salts and a variety of oils and chili peppers (which it takes huge offense to). Both of her hook creatures are mid-size but believe she was most likely within a year of death (for these things will kill you). In all my 30 years of getting rid of all manner of nasty spirits, demons, astral creatures these type of creatures are certainly difficult. The key seems to be consistency, willfully choosing all things positive, detoxing your life in all ways and making it known it WILL leave (use your stubbornness for your own good).

    1. This is wonderful that you’ve been able to help people, including this woman. It sounds like a small astral squid though. The thing I, and at least one other person I know if, a lady in Canada have, is house sized, and no amount of smudging, chants and foods have helped. My walls are tan colored now with residue from many different kinds of incense. I’d be willing to try a session with you though if you’re close. Thanks for the comment.

  17. Hi, when I was younger, maybe 16, I remember feeling that I couldn’t open up to a girl that liked me because I felt, if I did, something inside me, something like an octopus, was going to attack her. Since then I’ve sometimes sensed weaknesses in other peoples auras and I’ve seen shadowy limbs explode out of me.

    One time it happened where the guy felt to me like a good person and I said “no” (to myself) and the limbs backed off but was struggling. After they had backed off though, I saw/felt a tentacle from him leave me! it had been pressing down on my thigh but I hadn’t sensed it. He had been staring at me intensely, after he had got on the bus I was on – after it had all started.

    Something to note is that the limbs from me aren’t really small or thin, they look thick and dense (dark in shade). The tentacle on my thigh from the other guy on the bus wasn’t dark and it was invisible in the beginning. What I’m saying is that I’ve only ever seen my shadowy limbs look dark, also, they look thick and I don’t think there’re likely 100’s of them… maybe 8 – 12 in total?

    Also, I saw that this guy’s was indeed a tentacle – I mean, it look exactly like a tentacle but it was thinner compared to mine . The ones coming from inside me have never actually looked like a tentacle – just dark, thick, long, limbs. Like in ‘elfen Lied’ the anima I suppose.

    Sorry I can’t help you, I don’t have a solution and I’ve been struggling a lot myself tbh.

  18. To add to my previous comment. I have wondered if I am suffering from a “split personality” in the sense that I have always tried to be “a good person” or “nice” but I have read recently in a book about “alchemy” that the human ego is always trying to find equilibrium which means a positive thought will always be followed by a negative one and vice versa at some point. By me only focusing on having positive thoughts I wonder if I have pushed a side of myself outside of my conscious awareness… and maybe these two sides have become almost separate. Also, I feel that there is now a whole in the middle between these two extreme poles, where my awareness simply doesn’t exist … or something and I feel emotionally vulnerable as a result. Teal Swan, a spiritualist on YouTube, has said that she likes to slam both of these polarities together in a person, to make them into something new but when this happens the person feels like they are dieing. She is against polarization and blames many conflicts on this because it creates two sides that will do terrible things to each other without feeling bad because they cannot relate to each other at all. She says when a human is born they are whole but by adulthood often they have rejected one side of themselves or another. I don’t know why i’m mentioning that. It’s just been on my mind recently I guess =)

  19. Quotes from a video titled “What Should I Do When I Am Sick?” by Teal Swan. I think that maybe her video is in code though.

    “from an energetic perspective healing is a toxicity crisis”

    “[because of negative thoughts…] the energetic flow of energy through your body gets pinched off”

    “This build up of toxins causes the cells in your body to start to decompose, it literally causes the cells of your body to weaken and to begin to die. This environment becomes the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. They are opportunists and thus infection occurs”. – I believe “virus’s and bacteria” are an analogy. Also, I believe that because the natural energetic flow of energy through my own body became “pinched off” I literally started to cross-over, to the other side, and that’s why I can see the things I can see now (My childhood was horrible FYI).

    “The body uses every single ounce of this energy to rid itself of these toxins” – I would day dream uncontrollably as a teenager, with my emotions expressing themselves in fantasy. They were always intensely emotional.

    “bacteria and virus’s are not the cause of the illnesses that we suffer” – she says it is an emotional problem and explains that if the underlining problem is not dealt with then re-infection will occur by the same thing or something else.

    “they [bacteria and virus’s] are found in the system of the sick because they need dieing tissue to survive”

    “actually bacteria and virus’s may aid us in finding health because often the point at which the body is triggered to create homeostasis, to come back into balance, is when it’s colonized by a bacteria or virus – they often act as simulators”

    I personally wonder if the “gap” I feel inside me exists because that part of me has died. I wonder if perhaps it isn’t going to come back. Maybe it made room for something else, that can co-exist inside me in a way that makes me feel a little more whole as a result of its presence. That’s why I think she says that bacteria and virus’s can help get someone back into homeostasis. For example: she once said to a guy on stage at one of her talks: “congratulations, you’ve spiritually castrated yourself”. I thought he looked quite unwell and as though he had indeed, spiritually castrated himself. I just wonder if maybe that aspect of him, taken by his narcissist parent(s) if I had to guess, isn’t coming back and I also wonder what she means by slamming two polarities of someone together and creating something new – I wonder what is really meant by ‘integration’. I’m not saying this to be nice, or not nice or saying that it’s good because I think it’s horrifying but what if it is true?

  20. One more thing :- I haven’t been able to stand up to my father, he ate me like the spider that he is or other people but the entity in me can.

  21. What I’m really saying is, what if the only way to release frustration, anger, rage or whatever emotional build-up is making someone sick, who is now basically half eaten and gone, is to allow an entity to put them back into homeostasis.

    Teal Swan says that narcissism is an adaptation because a child’s parents didn’t give them love and so they needed to find an alternative energy source. My father, who is a narcissist and who has every trait of a narcissist, I feel has literally eaten my soul and as much as I have willed to fight him, I haven’t been able to. It’s like a part of me is gone and so what should I do about that? There’s so much hatred and rage in me towards him and no outlet.

    Previously, all I wanted to do was to fight: fight the things that I intuitively knew weren’t a part of me, but now I’ve been convinced to do otherwise, rightly or wrongly… while I was fighting them (which was my natural instinct btw) I just became sicker and sicker. I starting seeing things happen like a leech thing lurching out of me in astral and attack someone who had done nothing bad to me. I guess I needed energy at the time. It wasn’t a decision I made, it just happened. When the shadowy limbs unravel themselves out of my body they look so, so dark and can fill a surprisingly large space. All I know is that right now I can’t stop fantasizing about action and violence but it’s not a revenge type of violence, it’s more like: don’t hurt me anymore or there will be consequences and it’s about time too.

    Maybe I’m going to hell forever… watch: “the most dangerous parallel reality” by Teal Swan and see if you can decode what she is really saying. She likes to speak in code I think. Maybe watch the video “Shakespear’s Sister – Stay” and see what you think – it’s a music video…

    1. I would suggest prayer and energy healing, I can personally vouch for Eden Energy healing which helped through an extreme trauma and childhood abuse. The founder also cleared herself of an autoimmune illness. You can find her videos on YouTube, but for more complex trauma I’d go to an advanced practitioner.

      1. Thanks for the information. I took some time to read about the books. I wonder if anyone else has experience with them.

  22. The significance of the leech thing I mentioned is, well i’m not too sure, but it didn’t seem to have the same intent as the thicker, longer, unraveling shadowy limbs I mentioned; it just wanted to punch a hole straight into someone and it didn’t give a crap about exploiting a weakness or enjoying the fight… the other limbs I feel I can control, some of the time, at least recently… but not that one. That one just wanted energy. Period. The ‘elfen lied’ ones feel like they enjoy a fight, a real one and aren’t about just about the energy. IMO.

  23. Hey Admin, delete these if you want. I seem to be using your comments as my own personal blog atm… =/ but I wanted to say that I went a Teal Swan event in London and there was a woman being irritating too me in the seat in front. She was texting her friend about how Teal was full of s**t and being quite loud too. I saw, believe it or not, lizard like arms lashing out at her, from out of me. I almost couldn’t stop myself from hitting her in the back of the head and telling her to shut up. There was a lot of physic energy in that room… anyway, one of Teal Swans people approached us at our seating position as this was happening and as he got close to us I felt that his aura was so solid that I felt intimidated by it. Death/fear energy came out of me and it was directed towards him… he veered off and didn’t come back… tbh I thought that that was for my benefit because I was obviously intimidated by his energy.

  24. This is jacob from Hong Kong. Having a colorless entity inside after last year unconscious astral travel.

    Suspect a small squid.

    Can we set up a group (Facebook/email/whatever) to exchange information?

  25. Hello, First I’m amazed that there are other people who have seen the same as me. I love you 😍I’ve been astrally attacked MASSIVELY. I know how to get rid of them but it’s time consuming but my methods are cheap and easy to do. First astral entities are matter based, not energy so you can smash them, burn them, microwave them, heavy salt baths and even use hair clippers, etc, etc. I found that they are sensitive to everything and it mangles them. I got attacked by many astral entities and I’m currently smashing the fuck out of one right now. I discovered I was being attacked in 2012, it was so horrible. Nobody Nobody NOBODY listened, gave a shit, nothing, so I pitched my battle alone. The stories I could tell you are unbelievable. I found the first astral entity in the list, a stranger to me, his rotted tentacle body infused into mine. Proper disgusting. So since he chose to live in the 3D, I gave him a Facebook Account like everybody else. But to cut a long story short, he’s gone. His dead carcass stopped pulsating in my body in October 2018, hanging lifeless off my frame 🤮 which had to be removed. I can hear in solid state sound and vibrated it out of my body. I can also do this remotely so if I know someone else is under attack, I can zero in on them and rip the bastard out and I don’t mind doing that because it’s such an awful, horrendous thing to happen and nobody should live with that. At the moment I’m hammering the fuck out of one now the bright shining star of my new Twitter account https://mobile.twitter.com/AstralSlayer. Things like full unopened turpentine containers shaken around your body and aura just melts them. When moving through things becomes a distinct disadvantage. 😂 The microwave is good. I put my head up against it, my back, feet, just generally squashing myself up against it. Astral entities don’t do well in microwaves 🤯

    1. Hey do you have an Instagram instead? I’m not on Twitter… But I’m really interested. I have a 6 legged octopus here.

  26. Everything attribute and description seems to align with what I am experiencing. This thing has been invading my sleep more than 10 years ago and has been ongoing since. I can instantly feel them the moment I jumped into bed and trying to go to sleep. It would start with the feeling of a tentacle poking the top of my head. Then, it would slowly slide more tentacles onto my face. When it feels that I am almost fully asleep, it would inject them into my eyes, nose, throat, etc. It doesn’t fully operate until I am in a dream state and beacuse of that, it will assist me into getting to dream state when the tentacles are in me.

    When they are operating, and I know this because I semi wake up in the middle of the night, still paralyzed, but consciously feel my surroundings, I can feel it using my body (specifically my semen) to reproduce. Some nights, I can sense my testicles irritating, as if it was being lightly punched/kicked. Other nights, I can sense eggs around me. They feel like rubber balls, like the ones you play and kick when you’re young. When I try to pop them or crack them open, I can feel my ears, eyes, and my nose, about to explode.

    I’ve battled it a few times astrally and one time, I was able to capture it in my hand. It was painful and felt like I was holding a ball of strong electrical current. I’m not sure if it was the core of it or just a cloned representation of it. I immediately ran to my kitchen, turned on the stove, and place it on top of it. It turned into a rubber object, felt like a cooked squid.

    It affected my sleep immensely because my brain have seemed to relied on it. If it doesn’t appear, I would get groggy and extremely tired the next day. I even suspect that some illnesses are linked to it. I also suspect that it altered and triggered some daily life event.

    As years went by, it’s gotten really deep inside of me and knew me inside out. For example, how I response to danger, how I response to love and care, etc. However, when I moved (recently), it seemed to have reset itself. One night, in the second week of my new home, it retracted all its tentacles from within me and said something along the line “you’re no use to me anymore”. As it was pulling them out of my throat, I woke up gagging. Nights after that, it was still appearing in my sleep, but not at the stage where it was inside of me, but like it’s starting from step 1 again, trying to infiltrate my body.

    Sad to say, but everything it had brought me seemed to be positive, except when I resist, I face the consequences of fatigue and possible flu/cold the next day.

  27. Hello.
    I have the ability to seen things and have encountered them in many stages. My sister-n-law and I, just cleared out my aunt’s house and I’m still recovering. Please contact me so I can ask questions because I’m seeing many things I need answers too.

  28. Ive had alot of experience in dealing with these troublesome creatures and it takes alot of meditation and for me in particular, thoughts of superiority and and how much impending doom or failure they will have by trying to attach themselves and it might sound ridiculous but at the same time using an extremely high amount of electricity at the brain stem/spinal cord intersection (the source of your chakra) it used to drain my energy considerably until i used those methods repeatedly mind you until i have all but have ridden those wretched interdimensional organisms from my being and body and think of yourself not as a whole but purge yourself one step at a time. In the middle of your mind and work a dot and make it grow til it encapsulates out of yourself and try to make it as big as possible and when you cant anymore thats when you know it cant stretch out any farther and i still find it appeasing just recollecting on how they literally dismembered themselves trying to stay attached or fled and stopped the process altogether and if they tried to reattach thats what the electricity and mental barrier is for they still poke and prod here and they but if i feel a stranger i recall those memories or disgusting images of they’re fallen comrades if you will and the sound of a 120,000 volt tazer completely destroying theyre quest for sapping energy. The big ones are daunting if you look at them that way but even the biggest tasks can be broken down to the easiest accomplishments

  29. Hello all..I believe I have obtained one of these. Cepulapod entities…mine has actually manifested in physical realm…I too have been alienated as well as alienated myself for lack of understanding of the issue..I even have photos of this manifestation…love to have a Serious discussion exchange of information of how to remove it control the actions etc of this entity

    1. Hi Ashley, I would also love to have a serious discussion about these entities and removal options. I also have one. There appears to be alot of nonsense info to sieve through. Please contact me in the first instance by email – etheric parasites.together@gmail.com. Thanks

  30. So i’m here because i had a dream a few days ago… i saw a tectacle big one, didn t even see the entiti entirly ( sry for my english ) and this tentacle came right to my face, and sucked me in… i wasn’t afraid tho, but it woked me up 🤔 i have to mention that i cannot see other entities or plains, i can only hear clearly when i’m in a very relaxet mode, or right before i fall asleep. If i get scared, or surprized, i cant’t hear any more the same voice, or entiti.
    I can t recall to see or dream about this thing before… but what i read here… it’s not that good 😐
    It happends every time, that it hurts you, and wishes you bad things, and do stuff that it’s not good for you ? Because i didn t felt bad around it🤔 neither after, or be scared or something… i search it because i just wanted to see if it exist and what it is…

  31. everything i say here is my perspective and experience, please understand that while i say and know that a lot of what you think or feel is bullshit, i mean no disrespect, for me there is just reality, everything else is just fantasy

    i am not here to argue or teach, i am recording my experience and relevant insights here to hopefully aid you in your own life and to keep a record

    i am very much a realist

    i only believe in things that are proven to me

    it takes a lot of realistic proof that i can see, touch, etc. for me to believe in something, how can i believe something is real if it’s not actually real or cant prove it’s real?!? not just because of some abstract reason or “that makes sense” or some book told me

    i trust only in science and scientific method, empirical evidence, everything other than this is theory and in my experience 99% of those theories are just humancentric fantasies

    moving on

    i have had very physical feelings of my “body” within my actual physical body being jarred or moved suddenly

    i was born in 1975 and am currently 45years old

    when i was young i had a very positive life and a very strong connection of love and luck that was great

    approximately at 10years old, and 19years old i had a traumatic experience of fear and my life changed

    i experienced a moment of breaking where everything broke, not physically, but my mind broke, my heart and soul broke, and i blacked out

    i recovered from this experience no problem and went back to my daily life, but i felt like something had changed, almost like god had stopped trusting me and that a part of me was now missing, not an essential part but that i was weaker somehow

    shortly after this at about age 19-20, i got a tattoo of a tribal nature for no reason, a singular impulse that i immediately regretted, it is a mess of dark intertwining lines and squiggles, the process was dark and fearful and i was foolish to do it, i wanted to be tough and impress women, this tattoo resembles an intertwining octopus like barbed lines, it’s quite feathery in fashion but simple and of a simple shape and intricate form, it is hidden under a tshirt and most don’t even know it’s there

    my life started to change, people were less kind to me, less happy to see me, life in general became less enlightening and less favourable to me, a downward trend that continues to this day, and whilst i am thankful and grateful for the extraordinary blessings i receive in all my life, it is true that within myself i get steadily worse

    this worsening has also became a catalyst for my soul to become steadily stronger, it’s not my soul that’s corrupted, it’s my heart and mind, note i don’t say poisoned, my heart and mind are good and healthy, but there is a force of corruption at work

    i feel that if i was to die today that this thing that’s with me would die with me if i willed it, and it fears death because there is a judgement there for it, this could be why it helps me at times to survive, i have no evidence for any of this statement just a feeling

    i am not cursed, nor any kind of magic, i have explored these things and they are mostly imaginings or fantasy’s, none of them have stood up to the evidence needed to validate them, all are belief, and i have found that none of them are stronger than my love, my will, and my hands

    as i grew into my mid twenty’s and thirty’s i noticed lumps of 2-5cm appearing in my body, they appear symmetrically which is the biggest evidence i have for significance, they appear along modular points of contact for example one on each wrist, one on each elbow, one on each inner thigh, all symmetrical, three to four years ago i noticed a new pair at my middle upper external arm, they are not lymph, nor are they anything negative health wise, i believe them to be a physical manifestation of an emotional issue, if they were not symmetrical i would think them nothing, the first one appeared approximately 3months after my tribal tattoo and it is the only singular one in the center of my thorax anteriorly, about halfway centrally between my bellybutton and xiphoid process

    upon certain times where i have been in positions and times of clarity and good emotional health i have had dreams or emotional significants whereby my emotion and physical senses tell me something’s important, they occur maybe a few times a year and are very unmistakable, they are often premonitious or foretelling, and they always are true even if i don’t find the real truth until years later, for example an urge to slow the car and avoid a car accident, or an urge to befriend someone and then over the next few years more “bumping” into and eventually eventuation of being in the same job as them, etc. these events are always correct and not cherry picked or imagined

    when i was twenty eight i shared a house with a maori man the same age as me, we were very good friends, and still are, although even with him i can feel the tension as the loss of love in me continues downward, he like me has the touch of god or love about him, an unbreakable common sense, doesn’t mean we can’t be fooled though, i had a dream of a cove with sharks and with the sharks we killed a big octopus and removed it from the bay, the sharks were defending themselves and the octopus defending itself, i described it to him and he was amazed because i described his home in detail to him and a place called the bay of sharks in northern NZ, i have never been to NZ, it was absolute evidence

    however i think i misinterpreted it, at the time i thought i was helping my friend and the sharks and octopus were both our enemies, with the shaky removing the octopus from their territory regardless of us, i was just an observer, today i believe the sharks were his allies and protecting him from the octopus like creature that i unknowingly is attached to me

    at the age of 35 i have had emotional significance of the images of tentacle anime that’s popular at the time, again it had its own meaning for me, and again absolute evidence

    there are many events, a few every year, to do with family, relationships, home, coworkers, etc and some to do with an octopus like entity that is not of my nature, that is attached to me, has a malevolent need but not a malevolent nature, it needs to feed basically, and it feeds off me

    i have been in solitary due to the cv19 quarantine, i am healthy and well, but devoid of distractions, i woke this morning, went back to sleep and had a significant dream, where i was swimming and there was a tentacled octopus with a shape shifting face, it has hundreds of very sharp needle teeth that come posterior of its seat from the center of its tentacles as a squids mouth does, the teeth are all straight down in fashion like the pins of a computer chip or toothbrush, but circular, and we were swimming in the ocean, there were others there and they had octopuses too, the beach is a familiar loving and healing place that i know, we were all frolicking and our octopus were loving the ocean, they had unattached and were laughing and happy and swimming around, but never too far from their hosts as to not quickly attach, i don’t think the octopus wants to feed or hurt me, the understanding was the octopus was sad at its need, part of the cycle that creates its need for love and it’s inability to create love itself, there are many healing beaches near here and the specific beach was not significant as such, as i returned to the shore the creature assumed the face of the most beautiful young woman, like my perfect fantasy, and with its tentacles and needle like hundred of teeth around it’s circular mouth smiled and cooed and attached itself to my back where the supposed “heart chakra” is and started feeding again, the creature at no time was bigger than a soccer ball to beach ball size, changing size, yet i felt it could grow as big as a house if it desired by an “unravelling” of sorts, at the expenditure of energy, my octopus is very smart and seductive

    i looked at it as it came towards me, it was very very shocked that i could see it, like this was the first time i’d seen it

    it sang and cooed heavily to seduce me

    but i still saw it and i looked back at it as it attached to my back, that’s how i saw the teeth very well, it’s tentacles wrapping around and around like you’d wrap spaghetti on a fork, the tentacles created a suction cup around the teeth

    i cannot reach it but i wanted to

    i want to remove it

    it was surprised to still be seen, and with no malevolence or evil it tried to hide and then just smugly looked at me as if to say “pfft what’re you going to do about it, you can’t do anything” and then just snuggled in and kept feeding

    there was a hint of worry in it though that it had been found out

    it is wrong

    i will remove it

    here’s my hypothesis and i hope this helps you by reading it

    the greatest power is free will, the will to do and act, your free will belongs to you and is gods greatest gift (i am not religious) or reality’s greatest power in you

    from the experiences of my life with no evidence other than my own, i believe that at a young age i have allowed some kind of seductive tentacled being to attach itself to me, this being is not recognisable by the usual senses but it is possible it is their, i have no evidence to support my claim, only my experiences and consequent beliefs, i could be imagining, but my experiences and validity of instinct leads me to believe i’m correct in my belief even without evidence

    i have many other reasons other than i have mentioned here

    this TM as some have called it here is not malevolent, it is sentient, and it is conscious

    it is symbiotic and feeds off my emotion, in particular positive emotion like love, i mean in this way we are alike, who doesn’t need love?!? however i don’t believe it can create or generate emotion itself the same way i do

    like the sun i am it’s light that without my light it will die

    so it lives symbiotically with me, interfering little, so long as it’s fed

    why would it harm me? it wants me to succeed, to prosper, so it can continue feeding, but not at a cost to itself, the same way we grow trees of fruit

    therein lies some of the way to rid myself of it

    if it cannot feed then it will leave because it needs to feed elsewhere

    as it eats my love i become darker

    i want and need to be free


    i am starting today a program of self respect and will power so as to protect myself and gain freedom

    it’s entry point is lack of will power in its host, it provides strength of will and action, in order to maintain my need for it it then makes me weaker in will and weaker in strength, thereby securing its position

    it is not love

    it is desire and seduction

    like a vampire or a leech that feeds it’s host, think of a leech that feeds a human so as to keep getting the blood it needs

    in order to remove it i must be free of its offerings, i must remove my need of its strength, direction of action, and power of will, i must make my own will strong enough as to be independent, this is willpower

    i make my willpower absolute

    but it can still feed off me without contributing, yes? just a leech now with no presence, and if it’s quiet and not obvious then i’ll never know it’s there apart from the draining of energy and love, and if it’s smart it’ll only take little bits so as to be less conspicuous

    how do i know if it’s gone or remove it? there might be some way unobvious to me, maybe you can see it or remove it by hand, or some other tool, yet that doesn’t seem to work judging by comments here, and whilst i’m surely capable of something anyone else can do, i can learn, but i do not know how

    there is another way, the absolute way is to make myself not radiate love so easily that it can feed off it, to not allow my love to be taken or sampled, to take full control of how my love is given and shines, and to do that i move myself and trust myself, this is self respect

    i make my self respect absolute

    willpower and self respect

    exercise these (if you’ll pardon the pun) to rid yourself of it

    understand that i’m being completely realistic here, i’m not talking about crystals or reiki or magic and so on or whatever

    the real power is in your heart and mind and hands

    love is the answer

    love yourself and manifest that love as self respect, you deserve freedom, you deserve independence, you deserve love

    love your mind and heart and their urges, we are only human and nobody’s perfect, forgive yourself which is another form of love, let your mind and heart become your will, there will be time for giving and generosity it’s but for those who deserve it, the leech upon you does not deserve your love, and even if it did deserve your gifts, you choose to not give it anymore to it and thereby rid yourself of it

    i will practice this today and use this page and comments as a singular journal of my process of ridding myself of it

    love, will, self respect

    please forgive any typos or autocorrect errors, i hope you can decipher my true words regardless of misrepresentation, technology hey?!? hahaha

  32. already it’s working

    personally i believe it’s a personification of my real problems using my imagination as a tool to enact resolution and resolve

    either way

    willpower, discipline, self respect, love

    good luck to you in beating your demons

  33. Okay you got a lot of what you are doing wrong. What you need is the help of God. However you are all steeped in things the bible says not to do. Sorcery and necromancy, tarot cards, out of body travel, occult practices are forbidden and punishable by death. If you gave your faith to Jesus Christ remember what he came for. To fulfill the law which he said would never cease to be in place till the stars fell from the sky.

    Saved by grace is a manipulation from the evil of the world. This a type of demon these squid and octopus spirits, they also called spirits of mind control. … To be free first stop all occult activities, and new age practices of any kind. Repent. Tell the Lord of All that you apologize. Then stop doing this forever. Learn the 10 commandments and the other laws of the Lord. Keep them as best as you can and pray daily asking for spiritual protection and angelics to assist you. Stop contact with anyone even family practicing the occult, charging for esp, etc. Now some do see things by the hand of God. Those don’t take payment, tell the future or ever conflict with the law of the Lord. Read Exodus and Leviticus, Numbers, Genesis and Dueteronomy ask the Lord for help to remove this and demons and evil spirits from you daily. Ask to have residual evil removed. Be whole toward God in your heart. He will help you if so.

  34. I also have one of these things. I had a bad skin ailments like eczema show up that no one could help, so I determined it was up to me and started meditating. I am trained in energy healing such as reiki and BodyTalk. BodyTalk has protocol to generally easily remove entities. Interestingly this entity never came up in my sessions that I received. And now that I know it is there from hours and hours of meditation ..4 on average a day for close to a year now..the regular protocol for entity’s is not revealed intuitively by the body’s wisdom as the protocol to use. I believe it is an astral parasite and perceive it with my felt sense that has been developed thru meditation. It is predominantly anchored in my heart and sacral Chakra. I would say my energy body is 70% infected…it’s literally everywhere. Down every limb to the distal end…doesn’t seem to recoil back up but terminates. Multiple coils in upper chest which is where it’s dominant “head” lives…perceived as a circle as big as a fist. It’s anchored in part right near the xiphoid and wraps around my chest from that point. It wants to get further under the sternum and I can feel it’s head trying to bury in deeper there. I feel like mogli in the jungle book being choked by the snake as it has at least 4 full coils around me ..two around the chest ( deeply anchored to costal cartilage and ribs cage) also anchor points in armpits/ and pancreas reflex point TCM. And another two coils around the waist …one cool so tight that it makes my waist perceived to be only 6″ across. Then it goes up my neck ..throat Chakra and them up to brain and upper chakras. Another practitioner perceived it up occipital lobe and then to reptilian brain. Like I said the head moves when I try to energetically work on it…not uncommon to entity’s either. The technique that I found by far that works the best is anchoring the head to ‘individuation” in the heart. There are lots of heads which may just be energy matrixes that it’s connected into… basically I mean pathologies of consciousness we all have. Untrue beliefs, emotions, experiences etc which all contribute to manifestation of physical ailments. Basically the entity will exploit what you already have going on, feed of the imbalance. So these heads or matrixes are about the size of a hazelnut and are aware enough to move out of the way when I try to dissolve them. Yes your pathologies can gain a base awareness … This technique needs to be done neutrally so often I will imagine another practitioner doing the work on a projected view of my body. I’m sorry but I don’t know if this technique can be taught so easily. If you can locate a head neutrally anchor it or connect it to zero point. You can experiment with this ..you could anchor to neutral kether, binah, chokmah, of your familiar. Or other neutral Trinity’s of the absolute..father, son, holy ghost, Brahma, shiva, Vishnu etc. When successfully connected the head dissolves. I’ve been doing this for several months with great success but I feel I’ve taken it as far as I can go. Maybe dissolved 25-50 heads but now I’m left with the bigger ones. Turns out the skin problem was from bad digestion because of this parasites body being in the way of my organs and meridians. It also feels like it’s coming in thru my navel and I believe it anchors to the genitals as well. Sigh…it is a conundrum. If you want to try anchoring to Ind. In the heart a short definition is individuation in the heart is the natural spiritual process of discovering ones true self. When we feel strong enough in ourselves we can take off masks of the who one at a time. This is that process. Anchor to the true light of self in the heart. This is a neutral zero point energy and is not about love or emotion. Anchor to the true light within. If you want to try a BodyTalk session as we are trained to easily remove entity’s go to bodytalksystem.com and look for a well trained, experienced practitioner with parama training (advanced) . I can’t say if they can remove this type of parasite but can remove other types. They can help you to remove your pathologies of thought, emotions to help you be better equipped to remove the entity or maybe refer you to someone who can. BodyTalk is by far the best thing I’ve ever found. I’m continuing with sessions and will try out different practitioners and will report back if successful. Good luck and many blessings! 🙏✨

  35. Sorry spell error
    ourselves we can take off masks of the *ego one at a time.

    You can also touch heart when anchoring to individuation or tap over heart.

  36. Three days ago, during a psylocibe ritual I discovered this being in me, a blue octopus with black tentacles and yellow eyes, trying to hide from my view. I could feel how it was moving around the skull, trying to hide itself. Two days after I dreamed of my sister, my mother and I, chasing the entity. It had a blue and brown fur, like velvet. Yesterday my mother called me, she just discovered thanks to a psychic friend that someone threw a spell to her and to my sister a month ago.

  37. I have found the answer.

    I read this article and read experiences, which were similar to mine.

    I recently became aware of the TM I had, that was attached to my astral auric field. I could see it when I looked at my own aura. It grew and expanded. My thoughts about it made it worse. I was afraid it would feed on my family, so it did- as soon as I produced a negative fear based thought form about it.

    Recently, I’ve developed higher senses, such as clairvoyant vision: why I’m able to see many layers of auras, colors, dead energy spaces, etc.

    The TM is not a demonic entity. It’s a fear based entity, created by you. It will stop your spiritual growth until you locate the source of the problem.

    I was very afraid of things I was seeing with clairvoyant sight, including the “all seeing eye” as a holographic symbol frequency.

    I’ve been holding vibrations of unconditional love and peace for myself, humanity, and the earth. This activates your Heart chakra, which is crucial to receiving certain messages.

    I’d been trying to channel my high guide a few times, and doubted myself that I had been successful.

    I thought any messages I was seeing were negative, because I saw the TM also.

    I gathered up courage from my heart and learned how to protect my auric shield in order to look at the “all seeing eye” and see what it was trying to tell me.

    I was laying in bed with my eyes wide open and the holographic eye came very close to my face. All of a sudden, I was put underwater. My eyes were open and I was fully aware and conscious I was in my room laying down.

    The air a foot above me began to ripple, like I was underwater. I even reached my hand up to touch it the water, and felt warm sensation from the energy, but not wetness.

    The eye 👁 floated to the ceiling and began showing me a past life event, that caused my death.

    I was doing a job underwater. Images and colors formed on my ceiling and showed a spinning vessel that I got into and drove under the ocean. I was shown a gigantic tail of a whale swimming alongside the vessel. It was beautiful.

    For some reason I had to leave the ship and get out and swim. I had on some type of diver suit. Well, I drowned and died.

    It was challenging for me to understand WHY I had to get out, but the perception I got is that I was performing something very important and let people down. I also wasn’t clear on if there was a malfunction.

    I asked the eye if I died. The eye nodded, yes. Confirmed I did die during that event.

    I was not scared after I saw this , I was curious.

    I was completely unaware I had a fear of failure, that caused a soul fragmentation, in turn creating a hole in my my aura for the astral TM to attach.

    I did a meditation and asked my high guide and angel (not very confident that I made a connection), to remove this fear through my crown chakra by pulling it out.

    While my eyes were closed, I saw him! My spirit guide came and grabbed a huge tentacle and pulled it out, releasing it into the cosmos and restoring the soul fragmentation for the past, present, and future.

    I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of his backside, as he walked through the ceiling, back to his dimension.

    It was a very beautiful, liberating experience.

    Ok, I would’ve been completely unaware of the root of this fear manifestation because I was not born to abusive, overbearing parents. They always told me if I put my mind to it, anything is possible. They always told me don’t be afraid.

    It came from a PAST LIFE.

    TM entities are your fears. Maybe for some each tentacle represents a different fear.

    Turn your fears into fire.

    Find the root of your fears. Heal them, release them.

    I hope this has helped.

    1. I’ll be keeping this information in the event I need it. I confronted one of these yesterday. I’m still trying to make sense of it, but this seems to apply pretty well. Thank you!

  38. New here. I’ve had many clearings, as my experience in this was dark magic with someone having drilled into my kundalini, and then crown, sucking out downloads, lowered my vibration, then lowered my energy and dropped me to a frequency match. Made my head become like a vaccum then my lungs. I’m currently looking into a face to face holographic kinetics session. Also have ordered and am waiting on a Pemf healing unit. This is the type with looping treatment attachments, not the mat. It is such to be good for animals as well. The items on the list here; wow! I don’t yet understand how they work but I am learning a lot about the importance of negative ions.

  39. I was living alone in bgc taguig Philippines trion tower’s 49th floor back in 2017-18 minding my own business one day then I start hearing this voice similar to one of my old hs monitors linda saying the weirdest stuff then i saw it etherial transparent tentacle things but more like leeches than any cephalopod tentacle going through the walls and ceiling it was the top floor so I initially freaked out then the voice started saying that if I went out I would be displaced in time it sounded stupid but then it touched me and made me feel crippling fear I was stuck on my couch just terrified and confused until the feeling of dread became old and I was pisst instead so with all the adrenaline i walked out the door it still kept on insisting that I were to die if i left it couldn’t see where I was the tentacles were trying to figure out where I was so I left the building out the street to the nearby sm mall which curb had a view of my tower then i saw it a mass of tentacles connected to a body resembling a cuttlefish or squid but had more tentacles the main body about the size of a bus still there hovering bedside the tower its tentacles feeling for what i guess was me i didn’t go back until it was nowhere in sight. I was too freaked out to ask if people saw it.

  40. i went back in took my wallet ran off after a few weeks i went back a different thing happened at first it was just voices of 2 women claiming to be light creatures i felt that they were not sincere about it they were trying to calm me so i played along they were obviously trying to help I could always control myself and my surroundings when I dream and this conversation with these people were pretty much the same only I was wide awake the conversation suddenly had visuals but after experiencing that freaking annoying squid what was happening was vanilla. after a few days of this in out conversation with visual stuff happening I started to get used to moving about while having a chat at first it was hard to control my self what they were saying my mouth was moving with days in that was me walking around with an ear piece i even tested them their knowledge to mine and evidently they are people. they were nice enough to teach me stuff…

  41. I seen one in a hospital in Melbourne Australia after it detaches it self of a old man around time of vivid April 2020 I’m aware they exist this one was smaller about 6 foot tentikl floating mid air I know sometimes I see thing witch tells me something fishy is going on

  42. Hi, with regards to the Octopus entity or “tentacle monster” , I’ve had success with removing the large ones that span several miles and have tentacles attached to several people. I am a lightlanguage channeler and channel light codes into energy art. I have created one specifically for removal of these beings that have worked for me and for others who’ve used it

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